Bring A Friend Whose Never Been

“BRING A FRIEND WHOSE NEVER BEEN!” a revived Circuit promotional campaign is BACK.

If you bring a friend who has never played in a Circuit tourney before, then You EARN A FREE ENTRY FEE to a FUTURE Circuit Regular Nightly Tourney. You will receive a ‘Free Entry Certificate’ that you hand to the ‘tourney director’ on the Future Night of your choice and your $8 entry fee is paid for. It doesn’t matter how many Friends you bring. The ‘More the Merrier’. When your friend comes back to play a SECOND time, then He/She EARNS their OWN Free $8 Entry Fee certificate and YOU earn another one. Yeehaa, What a deal.

We have to TURN THIS downward trend of ‘less people playing darts’ AROUND and IT IS UP TO ALL of US, The Dart Promoters & THE PLAYERS, to show your NON-Dart playing friends how much FUN this ‘SPORT of DARTS’ can be. After All, that’s how most of US began playing. A friend got us to play and spent time teaching us the basics. We started meeting other players and saw their enthusiasm and excitement, too. It was catching and the Quick Improvement of our Game was encouraging. We experienced ‘The FUN’, the adrenaline rush, and WE WERE HOOKED.

So, ‘Show & Tell’ (Teach) a Friend how to play and then, ‘Bring Your Friend Whose Never Been’ to a Circuit Dart Tourney and Earn both them and you a Free Entry Fee.

Now, this is ONE PROMOTIONAL CONCEPT that ALL the other Dart Promoters & Clubs can COPY and it won’t hurt my feelings or MY business. It will just HELP REbuild the Dart Community. We need MORE DART PLAYERS in BOTH League and Tournaments. Everyone has to HELP make this happen. None of us can do it alone!

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