Tournament of Champions – January 17th, 1999

Pub Sports Promotion’s 1st Official “Tournament of Champions” (under new management ) was held on January 17th, 1999 at Scooters Sports Bar & Grill. Scooter’s was the Circuit’s Thursday night sponsor during the qualification period. Scooter’s has changed their evening to Sundays, so this 1st TOC was also used to kick-off this NEW night for them.

From August 8th, 1998 to January 15th, 1999 there were 164 people who qualified for this 1st TOC by placing in the money (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place). There were 86 players who arrived on Sunday and signed up to play in this 1st official TOC. That is an amazing 51% participation rate. Due mostly to very fancy personal invitations sent to every qualifier, plenty of personal WORD of MOUTH advertising, flyers promoting “don’t forget to qualify for this $800 guaranteed purse”, and very heavy participation at each regular night on the tour during this promotional period of one month.

The tournament started at 3:00pm and went till 12:30am that night. The tournament ran like a dream with the help of a few volunteers, Mike Kasper, Kevin Whiteley, and Sara Lloyd. The bartender and waitresses worked their buns off. Every one was exhausted by the end of the night with most leaving happy even if they didn’t win anything.

The top three winners received cash and plaques donated by Awards Depot.
Place Winners

First Codi White / Schad Scott
Second Kent Johnson / Ricky Morales
Third Anna Tilley / Richard Miller
Fourth James White / Bill Staples
Fifth Larry Ballard / Bruce Schesvold
Sixth Terry Matinelli / Voddie
Seventh Gary Petty / Rick Crocker
Eighth Eric Kilgore / Gary Goodwin

1st Place received – $ 80.00 ea. from TOC Purse + 55% of Entries
2nd Place received – $ 60.00 ea. from TOC Purse + 27% of Entries
3rd Place received – $ 40.00 ea. from TOC Purse + 13% of Entries
4th Place received – $ 30.00 ea. from TOC Purse + 5% of Entries
5th Place received – $ 20.00 ea. from TOC Purse
6th Place received – $ 20.00 ea. from TOC Purse
7th Place received – $ 15.00 ea. from TOC Purse
8th Place received – $ 15.00 ea. from TOC Purse

Prizes / Raffles Awarded Winners

1st Door Prize $25.00 Dart Supplies KC
2nd Door Prize $25.00 Cash Schad Scott
1st Raffle item Dart Blow-gun Jeanni Heinz
2nd Raffle item $80 Darts Kevin Whiteley
3rd Raffle item Unique Beer Mug Jeanni Heinz

We held the first regular Sunday night tournament that evening with 40 players participating. Because of the TOC this tourney lasted till 2:30am, a little longer than hoped for (some players still in the TOC slowed things down quite a bit). The regular tourney should only last till 12 pm from now on. A good kick-off!
Additional notes:

Rented 8 stands from DDA, put up 7. This gave us a total of 12 boards.
Ran tourney on 8 with 3 practice boards and 1 special 301 event.
Raffled off 3 items – dart blow-gun, unique beer mug, and a set of darts.
Had 2 door prizes – $25.00 gift cert. for dart supplies & $25.00 cash.
Dart Supplies sales set up in bar by the “The Two Joes”.
MO – two winners 70% & 30%. HO – two winners 70% & 30%


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!