Tournament of Champions IX — September 29-30th, 2001

The Circuit’s
4th Tri-Annual “Super Singles Shoot-Out”
& the
9th “Tournament of Champions”
2 Days or Not 2 Days, that is no longer the question!

The “Experiment” was successful. By that I mean, both tourneys ran very smooth and were over at the anticipated times with every player seeming to have a good time. And that is the MAIN reason to play. The fact that we only had 21 men in the singles tournament and 11 ladies answers any further questions about having these tournaments on TWO different days. Participation dropped by 1/3 in the men’s and by 1/2 in the Ladies tournaments. So, it is back to an ALL IN ONE-DAY TOURNAMENT (unless we are expecting so many players, because everyone and their best friends QUALIFIED this next season). (Hint, hint, hint).

— // — BEGIN TOC Results (Blind Draw) — // —

Saturday, Sept. 29th @ “Tournament of Champions – IX”.

The day started with sign-ups at 1:00 PM. We had 76 players signed up by 2:05 PM. The DRAW was started at 2:06 PM and finished at 2:06 PM. In less than 5 seconds the DRAW for partners was completed. THIS TIME we used the “Whitis Random Draw System”, a computerized blind-draw software program designed by Stephen Whitis. Wow, did it work fast and well. I was impressed. Stephen says its not fully completed for keeping records and other issues he’s still working on. But, the DRAW is working fine. I agree. (See more on this automated draw system under Director’s Notes)

The 36-team field played out in 6 � hours. It would have taken a LOT longer except the players were standing in line waiting for the opportunity to CHALK. Why not, with a 25″ Color Television as the GRAND PRIZE for Scorekeepers. Boy, I like it when that happens! We will be doing it this way almost (I like variety) every time. The people who worked the hardest received the most rewards (See the list of Chalkers Prizes and who won them at the end of this article).

Most of the matches took 3 games to complete. The Finals between Ado Balic & Richard Miller (winners bracket) against Brad Brison & Jeff “Fat Cat” Kratz went 3 games and then 2 games. These players were “ON FIRE”. And, along the way, each team had to pass very talented teams such as Kent Johnson & Jeff Allsop with third and Charlie Miller & Butch Brown taking fourth. In the FINALS each player hit at least one NINE MARK with Ado Balic stroking a T80 and the winning bull in the final two games. Quite exciting, but the best part was Ado’s little dance after he HIT the bull to win. It was memorable. GOOD SHOW you guys!

Congratulations to ALL the Players, because there were some REALLY GREAT DARTS thrown ALL DAY Saturday. This includes the Second Chance tournament AND the 1st regular Circuit tournament of the NEW season later that evening. (results seen on the website). It was still a llloooonnnggg day, but FUN and WORTH it.

It was a fairly even playing field with no really obvious strong team. You can see by the results below what I mean. (Continue past the results of the TOC-9 to find out the SSS-4 results and a list of the Chalker PrizeWinners). The best darts won!
Place Team Award
1st Ado Balic / Richard Miller $ 332
2nd Brad Brison / Jeff “Fat Cat” Kratz $ 220
3rd Kent Johnson / Jeff Allsop $ 150
4th Charlie Miller / Butch Brown $ 101
5th Kerry Dalton / Steve Fisher $ 68
6th C. J. Belyeu / Don Gleghorn $ 68
7th Horace Munoz / Mike Davidson $ 50
8th Kay Shannon / Voddie Adamcewicz $ 50
9th Ted Adamski / Mike Strawderman $ 30
10th Colin Jones / Erik Stewart $ 30
11th Stephen Brower / Wayne Talley $ 30
12th Raylene Gleghorn / David Lloyd $ 30
13th Joan Bullard / Lew Walters $ 20
14th Richard Earl / Richard “Big Bird” Moon $ 20
15th Colleen Pruett / Pam Dzendolet $ 20
16th Krista Morris / Ricky Morales $ 20

Honey Pot winners

70% Winners – Kay Shannon & Voddie Adamcewicz – 27ea
30% Winners – Raylene Gleghorn & David Lloyd – 11ea

High Out Hit

70% Winners # 100 – Voddie Adamcewicz & Kay Shannon – 27ea
30% Winners # 94 – Fat Cat & Brad Brison – 11ea

Mystery Out winners

50% Winners – 12 – Mike Donaldson & Byron Eldredge – 57ea
30% Winners – 5 – Kerry Dalton & Steve Fisher – 34ea
20% Winners – 19 – Collen Pruett & Pam Dzendolt – 22ea

Highest Placing All Women’s Team – Colleen Pruett & Pam Dzendolet – 25ea
2nd Highest Placing All Women’s Team – LaRonda Duncan & Lorrie Duran – 15ea

Highest Placing Lady – Kay Shannon – $30
2nd Highest Placing Lady – Raylene Gleghorn – $20

Winner Prize donated by
Grand Chalker Prize
Kirk Dzendolet 25″ Sanyo Color Television Circuit

Stephanie Cunningham $10 GC to RockFish Seafood RockFish
Richard Miller $10 GC to RockFish Seafood RockFish
Raylene Gleghorn Dart Case/Fanny Pack Lone Star Darts
Lora Tennison 2 Loews’ Movie Tickets Loews Theatres
Bruce Gerlach Wood Grain Pen & Case Circuit
Mark Bunch World Time Calculator Circuit
Colin Jones Leather Belt Bag Circuit
Raylene Gleghorn Casino Game Circuit
Bill Allen Set of Men & Ladies Watches Circuit
Steven Fisher Elec. Pocket Organizer Circuit
Clint Russum Leather Duffle Bag Circuit
Jeff “Fat Cat” Kratz Set of Night Stalker Darts Lone Star Darts
James King 2 Tickets to see the Dallas Stars Austin Ave
Bruce Gerlach Londoner Bristle Dart Board Lone Star Darts

— // — END TOC Results — // —

— // — BEGIN SSS Results — // —

Sunday Sept 30th, Super Singles Shoot-Out 4

We started at 1:00 PM with sign-ups and somewhat intense practice. After all, there were no partners today. This was just the individual. Head to head. NO teams. No excuses. Win or Lose it was up to you. There was a very challenging field of players that came out to THROW DARTS. So, I must give credit to the few who love darts enough to play in this event even though they are still fine tuning their game. To the Master Shooters – well done! Again there were many nine marks, seven marks and quality points shot today. It was fun to watch and participate.

There were 21 men & 11 women. The lower participation was due to some extent to the 2 – DAY event. So next time, the TOC & SSS will both be on the SAME DAY. Unfortunately, there were many regular players who didn’t qualify by winning FIRST PLACE during the last season, even though they did play in a lot more than 10 tournaments. This was disappointing to them and to me. It could have increased the participation level and made it more fun for everyone. And FUN is the MAIN REASON for these tournaments. So, I am introducing a …

A NEW SSS qualifying rule change
(see Director’s Notes for details)

It took 4 1/2 hours for the Men’s tournament, while the Ladies took almost 5 hours. We played 2/3 games in the winner’s and the loser’s brackets. Plus, as like yesterday, each match usually went all three games. Each match was Bull’s Choice between 501, Cricket, and 301 with no repetition of a game. A real challenge. That DARN DOUBLE in the 301 game made the major difference in most of the matches.(mine, too).

“The Ladies’ Super Singles Shoot-Out 4” Results

The Finals of the Ladies’ SSS-4 was between Colleen Pruett and Lorrie Duran (winner of SSS-1). Colleen was on top of her game as she threw LIGHTS OUT to win the Winner’s Bracket against Joan Bullard. Lorrie had to come back through the Loser’s bracket facing some good players along the way, like Raylene Gleghorn who took home fourth place. Luck and Fire was on her side as she beat Joan to play Colleen in the Finals. Joan ended up with third place, but the ladies know, she’ll be back next SSS. I have to give Colleen credit, she didn’t flinch and kept her cool the whole time (very little swearing- you go girl). Colleen became the QUEEN BEE of the SSS-4 in three games. Congratulations to all the winners! And congrats to all the Ladies who turned out to play. Hope you had a very good time.
Place Player Award
1st Colleen Pruett $ 100
2nd Lorrie Duran $ 60
3rd Joan Bullard $ 30
4th Raylene Gleghorn $ 10
Field: Krista Morris, Raylene Gleghorn, Sara Lloyd, Nicole Weems, Joan Bullard, Kay Shannon, LaRonda Duncan, Colleen Pruett, Lorrie Duran, Stephanie Cunningham, Kathy ( KC) Adamcewicz

Ladies’ SSS – High Out & Mystery Out Winners
High Out
100% Winner # 86 Colleen Prueet $22
Mystery Out
100% Winner # 8 Joan Bullard $33

“The Mens’ Super Singles Shoot-Out 4” Results

The road to become the “King of the Roost” of the Circuit’s SSS-4 was laden full of obstacles named Roberto, Voddie, Richard, Jeff, Brad, David and many more. But, Schad Scott and Gene Bullard successfully overcame every obstacle and pothole along the way to stand head to head against each other in the Finals of this tournament. Gene navigated his way through the tournament by knocking Schad into the lower bracket and then bumping Roberto off course to win the Winner’s Bracket. Schad had to work his way back up past me, Richard Miller, and Roberto Castenhiera to once again face Gene in the Finals.

Funny thing on Saturday both these guys came and told me they would win the Singles. They both said it was their turn. Well positive thinking works, I guess, because there they were BOTH in the Finals. This match was great with Schad throwing very well and winning the first 2/3. However, Gene was more determined and won the title “King of the Roost by winning 2 straight in the second 2/3. Congratulations Gene. Sorry Schad, maybe SSS-5. Roberto Castenhiera earned 3rd place with Richard Miller receiving fourth.

Thanks everyone for coming out and don’t forget to check out the new SSS qualification rules under the Director’s Notes on the website.
Place Player Award
1st Gene Bullard $ 150
2nd Schad Scott $ 100
3rd Roberto Castenhiera $ 50
4th Richard Miller $ 20
Field: Horace Munoz, Ado Balic, Terry Toth, Mike Davidson, Ricky Morales, Mike Donaldson, Bill Spersflage, Colin Jones, Richard Earl, Roberto Castenhiera, James White, James King, David Lloyd, Voddie Adamcewicz, Richard Miller, Virgil Duncan, Jeff Kratz, Ernesto Castenhiera, Schad Scott, Steve Fisher, Gene Bullard.

Men’s SSS – High Out & Mystery Out Winners
High Out
100% Winner # 120 Ricky Morales $42
Mystery Out
70% Winner # 54 Schad Scott $42
30% Winner # 57 Steve Fisher $21
Winner Prize donated by
Grand Chalker Prize
Steve Fisher 3 Day – 2 Night Vacation Circuit
KC Adamcewicz 3 Day – 2 Night Vacation Circuit

Voddie Adamcewicz $10 GC to RockFish Seafood RockFish
Raylene Gleghorn $10 GC to RockFish Seafood RockFish
Richard Miller 2 Loews’ Movie Tickets Loews Theatres
Colleen Pruett 2 Loews’ Movie Tickets Loews Theatres
Raylene Gleghorn Leather Belt Bag Circuit
Gene Bullard Maxam Hunting Knife Circuit
Joan Bullard LaDavinci Manicure Set Circuit
Steve Fisher Gold Distance Binocular Circuit
Stephanie Cunningham Leather Purse & Umbrella Circuit
Ricky Morales Maxam Lockback Pocket Knife Circuit
Schad Scott Men’s & Ladies’ Watch Set Circuit
Kay Shannon Ladies’ & Men’s Watch Set Circuit

— // — END SSS Results — // —

Director’s Notes:
I wish everyone could have won prizes today. But, in a way, if you came and had fun and made it through the day, then you were a winner. Thanks for supporting the Circuit.


A BIG THANK YOU to my crew this TOC & SSS, my wife Sara, Colin Jones, Alex Mena, Colleen Pruett, Lora Tennison, Tesa Scott and few other volunteers from time to time. You’re ALL getting so used to this, you could do it without me. But, where would the fun be then?. Thanks also goes JC & Ron for holding the TOC at Kelly’s this time. Also, a special thanks goes to the Bartenders and the Waitresses for all their hard work. And let’s not forget the sponsors who donated chalker prizes. Plus, thanks goes to YOU ALL for supporting the weekly events and being a part of the Circuit. Ya’all make this all possible. Spread the word, get more people committed to playing 10 or more games to qualify for these EVENTS.

If you would like to voice your opinion, frustrations and/or ideas, please email me at or Thank You!

We now start a new season for the “Tournament of Champions X” and the “Super Singles Shoot-Out 5”. At this time, it will be held at Yucatan Liquid Stand on or about January 26th OR 27th. Watch for the flyers, the WEB SITE and for Posters. In the meantime, make sure you get your 10 games in early. And remember, the statistics show that the majority of the players who play ten times usually place in the money, win the Honey Pot, or place 1st at least ONCE during those ten times. Just check out the Qualification Stats on the WEB or in the Director’s Book. Keep on Playing and “We’ll see you on the boards.”

Thanks Again!

David Lloyd
Tournament Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!