Grand Sports Bar = “OurGlass”

It is now official.  The Grand Sports Bar in Irving NOW has a NEW NAME and a NEW LOGO.

“ourGLASS”  Grand Sports Bar NEW LOGO - OurGlass

The Grand was attached to an Oriental Buffet (great food), however, the Buffett is now closed and a  NEW SUSHI BAR has replaced it.  Same owners; just a new business, new name, and new logo.     Both the clubs are now a part of a ONE BIG (two club) business.   The Grand side is still SMOKING while the Sushi Bar side is NON-SMOKING.    You can order from the AWESOME NEW MENU on BOTH sides.

If you have been here before the change, come see the NEW SET UP.  If you haven’t – why not?

We still have our 8:30 pm Tuesday Night Dart tournaments.   Don’t be a strager.    Come join us for some FUN, stout drinks, great food, and fantastic friends.

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