Mystery Out “CAP” is Back to Sleep

The Capped Main pot of $2,500 was WON on Weds 4/10 @ Our Glass in Irving.  Congratulations to Randy P & Crash A who back took home $1,000 each.   WoooYaa.

That brings BOTH Pots Back together with $1,012 to start with at AA1 in Plano on 4/11.

The CAP is back in the Box and sleeping for a while.  Hopefully, it will wake up, again, soon.

Thanks everyone’s support and continued play.




‘The Cap’!    How it Works

We have reached the exciting moment when The Circuit’s Existing Mystery Out Pot (MOP) MIGHT become TWO Mystery Out Pots.

When the Main MOP reaches a total of $2,500 and is not won at that time, we “CAP” the Main Pot at $2,500 and begin a SECOND MOP Pot with a Second Draw.

At the conclusion of each tournament thereafter, until the Main Pot is Won, there will be TWO Draws. If the main MOP of $2,500 is not won with ‘the first’ draw, then we have a second draw for 80% of the overflow pot (with a guarantee of at least $100 in it).

You can read how this works by following this link to ‘The Circuit Basics / Mystery Out Pot’ and scrolling down to the bottom where the ‘CAP’ is explained.

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