Mystery Out Pot – “CAP”

‘The Cap’!    How it Works

We have reached the exciting moment when The Circuit’s Existing Mystery Out Pot (MOP) MIGHT become TWO Mystery Out Pots.

When the Main MOP reaches a total of $2,500 and is not won at that time, we “CAP” the Main Pot at $2,500 and begin a SECOND MOP Pot with a Second Draw.

At the conclusion of each tournament thereafter, until the Main Pot is Won, there will be TWO Draws. If the main MOP of $2,500 is not won with ‘the first’ draw, then we have a second draw for 80% of the overflow pot (with a guarantee of at least $100 in it).

You can read how this works by following this link to ‘The Circuit Basics / Mystery Out Pot’ and scrolling down to the bottom where the ‘CAP’ is explained.

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