Wednesday, September 30, 2015 @ Drinks Saloon

Match Round: 1st

Players Attended:

Brandi Flanagan, D.J. Flanagan, Danny Bartalome, David Lloyd, Jimmy Wallace, John Rafa, Jon Foreman, Kurt Macon, Nassar Alhamdani, Neil Clayton, Nelia Bartalome, Ramin Najafi, Ted Adamski, and Trent Brossert

And the winners are ...

First Place:
Brandi Flanagan and Nassar Alhamdani
Second Place:
Jon Foreman and Ted Adamski
Third Place:
D.J. Flanagan and Danny Bartalome
Honey Pot:
Brandi Flanagan and Nassar Alhamdani
High Out:
Neil Clayton (Hit: 84)
Mystery Out:
No Lucky Winners! (# Drawn: 134)

Mystery Out Update!

The Mystery Out was $1,940 before the match started and is now $1,940 at the conclusion of this match.

Match Notes:

This was the LAST Tourney of the 27th Dartistry Season.