Friday, October 2, 2015 @ The Billiard Den

Match Round: 1st

Players Attended:

Becca Price, Ben Hendon, David Garza, David Lloyd, Debbie Davis, Jon Foreman, Ken Price, Kevin Cook, Morgan McCormack, Sara Lloyd, and Ted Adamski

And the winners are ...

First Place:
Becca Price and Jon Foreman
Second Place:
David Garza
Third Place:
Ken Price and Sara Lloyd
Honey Pot:
Becca Price and Jon Foreman
High Out:
David Garza (Hit: 60)
Mystery Out:
No Lucky Winners! (# Drawn: 41)

Mystery Out Update!

The Mystery Out was $1,968 before the match started and is now $1,968 at the conclusion of this match.

Match Notes:

FIRST TOURNEY OF the 28th Dartistry Season.