Wednesday, March 7, 2018 @ Austin Avenue 1

Match Round: 1st

Players Attended:

Alan Peninni, Amber Hughes, Ben Hendon, Chad Prather, Chris CC Smith, Christina Tilley, Clete Belyeu, Cortney Freedman, Curt Hegeman, Dan Griffin, Debra Prather, Emmett Fennessey, Gabby Cooper, Ivan Zapien, James McCarty, Jeremy Chase, John Schmitz, Justin Bennett, Lawrence Woodland, Mike Nichols, Nassar Alhamdani, Nez Redzic, Paul Mueller, Rob Scott, Roger Piacenti, Scott Powell, Shelly Ragland, Stephen Brower, Ted Adamski, Tom Polkowski, and Troy Pople

And the winners are ...

First Place:
Alan Peninni, Nez Redzic, and Scott Powell
Second Place:
Ted Adamski
Third Place:
Dan Griffin and Stephen Brower
Honey Pot:
Gabby Cooper and Tom Polkowski
High Out:
Alan Peninni, Nez Redzic, and Scott Powell (Hit: 121)
Mystery Out:
No Lucky Winners! (# Drawn: 112)

Mystery Out Update!

The Mystery Out was $2,124 before the match started and is now $2,162 at the conclusion of this match.