Friday, January 11, 2019 @ The Billiard Den

Match Round: 1st

Players Attended:

Alex Peaslee, Anthony Morones, Becca Price, Ben Hendon, Ben "Reno" Julius, Candace Neal, Chet McKenna, Chip Buckner, Chris CC Smith, Chris Clink, Clete Belyeu, Corey Alexander, Curt Hegeman, Danny Mitchell, David Lloyd, Debbie Adams, Derrick Vaughn, Dwight Paul, Jason Smith, Jennifer Harris, Jeremy Chase, Jeremy Smith, John Chambers, John Schmitz, Josh Flowers, Jovon Smith, Judy Curtis, Julie Beckett, Justin Welch, Kasia Reese, Keith McDonald, Ken Price, Larry Dobson, Lindley Vaughan, Lorie Vaughn, Mariah Willenborg, Mark Bland, Mark Bunch, Mark Yoder, Matt Madrid, Matthew Mowles, Melissa Dotson, Mike Pyle, Nathan Hammons, Nez Redzic, Paul Sheckells, Randy Piacenti, Ricky Crocker, Robert Johnson, Roger Piacenti, Roy Bacon, Sara Lloyd, Sean Peaslee, Steve Gagnon, Suszi Gagnon, Tammy Young, Troy Pople, and Vince Reyna

And the winners are ...

First Place:
Mark Bland and Matthew Mowles
Second Place:
David Lloyd and Lindley Vaughan
Third Place:
Curt Hegeman and Randy Piacenti
Honey Pot:
Candace Neal, John Schmitz, Suszi Gagnon, and Troy Pople
High Out:
David Lloyd and Lindley Vaughan (Hit: 90)
Mystery Out:
No Lucky Winners! (# Drawn: 76)
Triple Pot:
No Lucky Winners! (# Drawn: )

Mystery Out Update!

The Mystery Out was $2,500 before the match started and is now $2,500 at the conclusion of this match.

Triple Pot Update!

drew ... but did Not Hit

The Triple Pot was $ before the match started and is now $ at the conclusion of this match.

Match Notes:

Overflow Pot #43 – Winners – Roger Piacenti & Sean Peaslee.
Now at $130


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!