Average Cost

The average tournament entrance fee is:
Entry Fee – $ 8.00*
Mystery Out Pot (optional) – $ 2.00
High Out Pot (optional) – $ 1.00
Honey Pot (optional) – $ 1.00
Total if YOU sign up for all of it – $ 12.00

At some locations there are 2 different OPTIONAL Mystery Out Pots available. To participate in both will increase the overall cost to play. When two different Mystery Out pots are available, usually one is the sponsoring club’s own MO pot and any monies added to this pot stay with the sponsoring club and do NOT travel to the next location on the Circuit.

* Breakdown of the Entry Fee
The funds from your $8.00 entry fee are used as follows: $6.00 of it goes toward that evening’s tournament payout. $1.00 goes toward the season end EVENT for that Circuit neighborhood. $1.00 goes to PSP as a statistical management fee to maintain the individual players personal tournament statistics and make these statistics available on the Internet as well as available at the nightly tournaments.

Most sponsoring locations add $5.00 per player to the tournament Prize Money. Some add more and could be as much as $8 per player. For Special Event tourneys this amount usually goes up.

Your $6.00 and the Bar’s $5, $6, $8 = $11 up to $14.00 per player in the tournament. From the total payout (# players x $11/$12/$13/$14 = total payout). In multiple ‘neighborhood’ areas where there is a combined season-end Dartistry Championships Event, PSP subtracts an additional $10+ from the overall total payout and applies these funds along with the $1.00 per player (mentioned above) to the season-end DARTISTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS Prize Fund. This makes for an EXCITING PAY-OUT at every season-end event.

Payouts for the nightly tourneys are as follows:

The Prize Money is paid to the top two, three or four finishing positions (depending on the number of players in the tournament).

Each finishing positions’ prize money is split equally between partners.
Based on the number of players: (example below is 14+ players)

  • First place pays approximately 48-54% of overall payout funds.
  • Second place pays approximately 28-32%
  • Third Place pays approximately 13 to 17%
  • Fourth Place (28+ players) pays 5 to 8%

Less than 14 players: First place is 65% and Second place is 35%.

All Side Pots are handled individually and as long as both players participated are SPLIT 50%/50%.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!