Rules of Play

Rules of Cricket
Cricket uses the numbers 15-20 and the bull. The object is for a player to hit each number and the bullseye three times. Doubles count as two hits and triples as three. The first player to hit a number three times owns that number and it is said to be opened. Further hits on the opened number score that number of points until his opponent also hits that number three times, then that number is removed from play. Once a player has opened or closed all the required numbers and bull and has equal or more points than his opponent that player wins.

Rules of 501(ss, do) / 301(di, do)
The most popular dart variation is the x01 game with 301 and 501 being the favorite single’s game. The game object is to count down from the starting number to exactly zero. In all x01 games the player must finish the game with a double. If the three darts total score exceeds the remaining score the player has busted and the score returns to what is was at the beginning of the turn. Some people play that in order to start scoring one must first hit a double, in fact it is customary to play 301 this way (note: a double bull counts as 50 and can be used to finish a game or start a game). Many tournaments including many pro tournaments play 501 straight in and double out.

John Lowe shot the only televised perfect 9 dart game in 501. He started with 180 on his first turn followed by a second 180 on his second turn. With 141 left he shot a triple 17 followed by a triple 18 and finished with a double 18. In Dallas the only perfect 9 dart game of record in the DDA or DDD was thrown by Thom McDonald out of Drinks Saloon. Thom did his with 180, 180, triple 20, triple 19, double 12. Way to go Thom.

General Behavioral Rules of Play

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words, don’t #@!* bitch or complain behind someone’s back while they’re throwing in order to distract them.

Toe the line. In other words … please keep your feet behind the toe line, if you can’t hit what you need from there, you won’t even if your closer.

Be a good sport, shake hands with your opponents after the match, especially if you lose!

Don’t cuss, swear, or use the Lord’s name in vain, He didn’t have anything to do with your poor throw or bad luck!

Don’t cuss out or bitch at your scorekeeper if he/she is having a difficult time. Just be happy you don’t have to score your own game and that someone was willing to chalk for an @#^* like you.

Remember what goes around comes around and you can bet that you’ll draw the person you got pissed off at as a partner in the next tournament.

Try to keep a positive attitude and have fun, even if your opponents are kicking the #%*! out of you.

Don’t ever give up! Your opponents just may get stuck at double ONE or bounce that last bullseye!

“Revenge is Mine”, saith the Lord. But, the Dart God doth smile on the underdog from time to time and the next time just may be thy time.

Be Confident and have Fun, so whether you win or lose, you’ll be glad you came when the day is done!

The Chalkers’ 10 Commandments
Thou shall NOT talk while keeping score!
Thou shall NOT move about while keeping score — Please Stand Still!
Thou shall NOT look at the shooter, stand facing the board!
Thou shall NOT call out a score, of one dart or all three — UNLESS the shooter asks you!
Thou shall NOT tell a shooter what to shoot or what combination to shoot for an out!
Thou shall NOT change a score unless it brought to the attention of both shooters (teams).
Thou shall NOT change a score —regardless— if that player (team) has shot again and a second score has been written down. An error in a shooter’s score MUST be corrected BEFORE he/she (team) shoots again or the score stands.
Thou shall NOT lean out to see where a dart is or is going, nor shall he follow the darts with body or head movement.
Thou shall NOT show any sign of disgust or excitement while at the scoreboard!
Thou shall NOT change the side of the scoreboard of the player (team) during a match. If you start a team on the left side continue to keep their score on the left, regardless of what the bull shots are or who starts first.


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