Modified Blind Draw?

Modified BLIND-DRAW (for the purposes of the Circuit) means …….. *that NO Women will draw each other as partners.

The Tournament director and two witnesses will draw team numbers for the women first (in order of sign up), insuring that no women end up as partners. Once the women’s team numbers have been drawn, then we start with the men and pull a team number for each male (in order of sign up), until every player has a partner.

* This Modified Draw was conceived by the ‘players’ early on in The Circuit’s development. It is not meant to be sexist or imply that women are less skilled players than men. In fact, there are some outstanding female dart players with National Rankings that play The Circuit regularly who can spank a good majority of the male players. Therefore, The Circuit tries to provide a venue whereby the newer (not necessarily less talented) and less experienced players (both men & women) have an equal chance to ‘Place in the Money’, from time to time. We believe this program does just that AND increases a male’s opportunity to win the HONEY POT*.

Since, this format was initiated, the number of women and newer players placing in the money tripled from the ordinary blind-draws and has been copied and applied by other Dallas Clubs holding their own tournaments. Again, this concept was conceived by the players early on in The Circuit’s development and we are proud to see that this style draw program has spread to other dart clubs and Pubs. After all, most of the women and new players spend just as much money in sponsoring clubs/bars/pubs as the regulars and deserve an equal chance to win some of the sponsors’ money.

The MODIFICATION applies to ALL CIRCUIT Blind-Draw tournaments, including the “Shuffle”, the TOC, Full-board, and the Dartistry Championships (unless otherwise specified here-in or in the description of a specific special event).

Thank You.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!