Special Events

Here the Circuit gets into some very exciting and competitive opportunities for a dedicated and talented dart player to really test his/her abilities. In these special events a local player can further develop their own skills by playing against dart players from other “neighborhoods” or out of town players as well as competing for LARGE cash prizes and awards.

Each Special Event is different with its own unique format designed to fulfill a specific purpose. All them are a real challenge to a “Player” as well as a real pleasure. Everyone of these special events may or may not be available, at this time. However, they do show up every now and then. Check the Special Events listing in the main menu to see which SE are active and When & Where they are being held.

Bacardi Dart Pary

There is only ONE continuous Special Event in the DFW Area, at this time. That is the Bacardi Dart Party. This event is held every three (3) months at LaPlaya Volley Ranch in Coppell, Tx. LaPlaya and Bacardi have joined together to create this Quarterly event in the hopes it will become a favorite venue for the local dart players where we have from 32 to 64 players.

2nd Dimension Tournaments

The term ‘2nd Dimension’ was coined to mean a SECOND LAYER of tournaments over and above the Circuit’s regular nightly and weekly dart tournaments.

These tournaments are usually SPONSORED by either a specific club/bar OR by a Third Party Sponsor wishing to advertise their business, products, and/or services. They are mostly held on Weekend afternoons (but not exclusively) and involve ADDED FUNDS by the sponsor. These types of events can also be used for Private Functions (i.e. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Corporate Functions, or Fund-raisers).

The format, entry fees, prize money, locations, times, etc. are at the discretion of the Sponsor requesting one of these events.

Jamison Irish Whiskey sponsored 6 months of $300 to $1000 ADD tournaments every two weeks.

Another example would be the Bacardi Dart Parties held every 3 months @ LaPlaya Volley Ranch in Coppell.


What exactly is it? and how does it work?

We start with the usual Modified Blind-DRAW. We maintain the Modified Blind-DRAW throughout the whole tournament. Then, we play any preliminary rounds necessary to get us to even brackets (preliminary rounds will play with the same player twice in a row.) Once everyone has played at least ONE time with their original partner and we have achieved even brackets, we then RE-DRAW both the Winner’s (WB) & Loser’s (LB) brackets.

If, you were in the WB you would have a NEW partner FROM the WB with whom to play your next match. You may even end up playing against the partner you just played with or possibly drawing them again. If in the LB, you would play your next match with a different person who also lost their first match. Yes, you could end up playing against your first partner or heaven forbid you draw the same person again.

It is possible to draw the same player twice in a row. LUCK of the DRAW, you know. How lucky are you? The closer you get to the finals, the greater the chances of this happening. So, be prepared for it. It is a possibility. However in most cases, unless you were in a preliminary bracket, you would more than likely have a different partner before you played your next match.

As the tournament progresses we continue to RE-DRAW each bracket at the completion of each full ROUND and before anyone plays another match. We maintain the Modified Blind-DRAW throughout the whole tournament. We will do this all the way to and including a RE-DRAW just before we play the FINAL MATCH.

The Format is TWO out of THREE games in the Winner”s Bracket (501 SS/DO, Cricket, Bull’s Choice) & One Game in the Loser’s Bracket (Bull’s Choice) The Finals will be Three out of Five games. (501, Cricket, BC, 501, Cricket)

These tournaments will be Dartistry qualifying tournaments. The Circuit’s Mystery Out is available in these tournaments. So also, is the Honey Pot and High Out available (as optional side pots).

The sponsoring club will usually ADD $5.00 to $8 per player to the payout.

Tournament Entry Fee – $11.00
Optional Pots – Mo/$2, HP/$1, HO/$1.
For a total of $15.00 if you want it all.

Again, the Circuit’s MO is available & these tourneys are “Dartistry” qualified.

See you all on the Boards and let’s mix it or “SHUFFLE” it up a bit.

I hope this is clear, if not, please contact me and I will attempt to clarify any confusion.

Kindred Spirits

These tournaments are FUND-RAISERS used to recognize specific individuals/dart players that have passed away. These events are called, ‘Kindred Spirits‘ as a dedication to Steve Kindred, a fellow dart player and friend who passed away in June of 2001.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!