Entry Fee, Side Pots, & Payouts

The Circuit’s entry fees, side pots, & payouts are individually designed for Nightly Tourneys, Season-End Tourneys and Special Event Tourneys. Each has their own unique costs and exciting payouts.

What is the cost of an Average Circuit Tourney? How much can you win?

Nightly Tourneys

… are held on various days throughout the week and contribute to the payouts for the Season-End tourneys.

Season-End Tourneys

… are held at the completion of a six month season and is a LARGE 3 to 7 tournament event called the “Dartistry Championships“.

Special Events

All sponsoring clubs have the opportunity to HOLD A SPECIAL EVENT at any available time as long as it doesn’t conflict with a Circuit’s Major season-end event or another sponsor’s special event or regular nightly tournament. Also, other businesses might choose to advertise to the Circuit’s Players and THEY CAN SPONSOR a SPECIAL EVENT TOURNAMENT. At these events the sponsoring club/advertiser usually ADDS LARGER $$$$ to the PRIZE FUND. The entrance fees and other charges will be individually promoted with costs, payouts, etc as events occur. The style of tournament held is at the discretion of the Circuit Director in cooperation with the sponsoring club/advertiser and the desires of the players. Some of the ‘Style’ tournaments that may be held can be found under ‘Special Events‘.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!