Dart Glossary

Arrows: Slang for darts.

Bed: A section of a number, usually used when referring to triples and doubles (e.g., the triple 20 bed). All three darts in the same triple is called Three in a Bed.

Bed And Breakfast: A British term for the score of 26 in an 01 game, from hitting a 20 and one each of the adjacent numbers, 1 and 5.

Black Bull Or Double Bull: The smaller, center portion of the bull’s-eye, also known as the Inner Bull.

Bull: The bull’s-eye, which has an Outer Bull and an Inner Bull.

Busted: Too many points scored.

Cork: The bull’s-eye.

Cow’s Ass: A Double Bull. This term was first coined by Tom Le, a Dallas Dart Player. You will hear it often when Tom is around.

Diddle or Shooting For Cork: Slang for the game-beginning convention in which the player who throws a dart closest to the bull’s-eye goes first.

Double In: Hitting the double area of a number to begin a game.

Double Out: Hitting the double area of a number to end a game.

Eights: Slang for 18s in Cricket.

Fallout: Slang for unintended, but scorable, darts (e.g., hitting an 18 when aiming for the 20, but being able to score the 18).

Fat: The largest part of the number. To shoot “fat” is to aim for a sure and safe single.

Fives: Slang for 15s in Cricket.

Flat Tire: Dart that misses the board completely and lands in the black ring around the board.

Good Group!: A compliment for tight, accurate throwing.

Hat Trick: Slang for hitting three bulls in one turn.

High Ton: A score of over 150 points, requiring more than just three bulls.

In The Black: Term for hitting the black or double bull.

Low Ton: A score of 100 to 150 points.

Mugs Away: Slang term for a convention whereby the loser of a game starts the next game.

Nines: Slang for 19s in Cricket.

Nine Mark Or Whitehorse: A perfect cricket round in which three triples are scored. Similarly, this is followed by the EIGHT MARK, SEVEN MARK and SIX MARK.

Pie or Wedge: Any of the numbered segments on the dartboard.

Point Mongering: Derogatory term for shooting excessive points, usually in the game of Cricket.

Right There!: Encouraging words for a just-missed dart.

Robin Hood: Whenever a dart strikes and sticks into another dart on the dartboard.

Round: Any three-dart turn. SEVENS. Slang for 17s in Cricket.

Shanghai: Hitting a triple, double and single of the same number in a three-dart turn; also the game of the same name.

“Show Me One”: Phrase stated by winner of the coin flip when they want the opposing team to throw the diddle first.

Sixes: Slang for 16s in Cricket.

Six Dart Out: A perfect game in 301.

“That’s why they give you three”: Said when someone misses the first two darts and then HITS what they aimed at with the Third Dart.

Ton: A score of 100 or more points, scored as a T.

Ton Eighty: A perfect score of 180, the highest score possible on a dartboard. Three triple 20s scored as T80.

Tough Darts: A common saying when darts almost hit their mark or bounce off the wire.

Tourney Played Credit: Every time a person plays in a Regularly Scheduled Nightly Circuit tournament, a Special Event tourney, or a Dartistry Qualification Satellite Location (DQSL)’in-house’ tourney they earn ONE ‘Credit’ toward their personal Dartistry Championships season-end Qualification Status. When they earn 10 credits they earn FREE Entry Fees at the Dartistry Championships.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!