Nightly Tourneys

The “Circuit” is currently servicing ONE ‘Area’, the DFW Metroplex in Texas. However, the potential for other ‘Areas’ to eventually be established is highly possible.

Each ‘Area’ would be independent of one another and have its own weekly schedule of nightly dart tournaments being sponsored by local pubs, clubs, sports bars and restaurants. Each ‘area’ also would have its own six-month tournament season with a separate season-end Tournament Event determined by that local area’s ‘licensed’ director. The ‘Area director’ contracts with the local sponsoring clubs to provide nightly tournaments on a weekly basis for as long as the club and the local players are happy with each other and the service provided them by the Circuit.

The DFW Area is in its 36th season and will be holding its 28th ‘Area wide’ Dartistry Championships in October of 2016. Currently, in the DFW Metroplex, there are FOUR (4) tournaments during the week. It has been and still is the Circuit’s goal to hold at least ONE tournament each night of the week (and would love 2 different neighborhoods, again). However, the ‘Sport of Darts’ in DFW has waned somewhat during these last few years and both this Circuit and the different ‘Dart Leagues’ in town have seen a real downturn in the number of people playing this sport. In fact, the Circuit’s participation level and number of weekly tourneys have dropped from 15 tourneys a week to only 4, while the Dart leagues have declined to half their size (or smaller) since the Terrible incidents of 9/11. We, the players, believe this is due to the current state of the country’s economy, new local ‘non-smoking’ city regulations, and the amount of EXTREME Sports available to the younger generation outside of clubs and bars (lowering the number of new players). As ‘things’ get better, this ‘Sport of Darts’ should see a resurgence; and when that happens, The Circuit will be there to meet its demand.

Check the schedule to see where and when the Circuit holds a tournament in your “Neighborhood”. You should find the days of the week a tournament is being held, the name of the sponsoring “Club” for that evening and the tournament starting time. You will also find the club’s phone number, address, a directional map, number of boards, as well as Special Events and misc. information.

If you know of a club in your “Neighborhood” that might be interested in sponsoring the Circuit on the night you would like to play from time to time, please let us know or have them contact us. Hope to see you on the boards, soon.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!