General Information

The Circuit provides an organized and comprehensive dart tournament program held at local bars/clubs in DFW almost every night of the week. It also provides a structured SEASON during which the dart players can qualify for larger season-end EVENTS. The Circuit’s program further includes occasional opportunities for the local players to win their entry fee to a local ADO (American Dart Organization) qualifier in their immediate area.

The Circuit’s program has evolved steadily and will continue to do so in its attempt to provide a FUN competitive opportunity for the talented beginner to develop their skills, enhance their abilities, and become the dart player they desire to be. While providing the local player with an enjoyable evening throwing competitive tournament darts when he/she so desires. At these tournaments they can further enhance their skills, develop relationships with other like minded and passionate players, and maybe win some prize money. If players wish to avail themselves of the Circuit’s larger overall program, more power to them.

Please feel free to peruse this website and use the services provided to find a place to “play darts” on the night of the week that best fills your needs. If you choose to join the Circuit’s larger program, you can also use this site to keep track of your personal Have Fun, Come often, Bring some friends.

Thanks, David Lloyd, the Circuit’s Director & Developer.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!