The Circuit was established to not only provide a FUN evening enjoying the game of “darts”, but also to provide plenty of competitive opportunities to allow talented and ambitious players to elevate their level of play to possibly compete on a State or National level. To help do this, The Circuit holds at least ONE MAJOR DART EVENT a year. It is called:

“The DFW Dartistry Championships” with our slogan as: “Perfecting the Art in Darts”.

We  used to hold a Dartistry Championships usually every SIX MONTHS, however, the season HAS NOW BEEN EXTENDED to a YEAR with an ANNUAL season-end Event to be held in January of each subsequent year.   The funds for this  Annual Event are raised  from the continued player participation at each nightly dart tournament during this 12 month period.   These funds are raised by holding in reserve $1 of a EACH players’ Nightly $8 Entry Fee and are SAVED for this Special Event.

The more players at each tournament and the more tournaments each week increases the funds available for this Annual Event which in turn determines the type and style of the tournaments available and the Total payouts for each at the Event.


In the recent past, the NIGHTLY TOURNAMENT participation allowed us to enjoy TWO seasons a YEAR which usually ran from April through September and from Oct through March. However, starting in Oct 2015 a NEW ERA began where a Dartistry Championships would be scheduled  and  held when PSP had collected a Minimum of $3,000 within a time frame of NOT less than Six months, but not more than a yearOnce we had reached this GOAL the NEXT DFW Dartistry Championships would be scheduled and hopefully HELD within 30 days. We were looking forward to our 28th DFW Dartistry Championships to be held in October of 2106. Check out the archives.

However, the best laid plans don’t always work out as planned and due to an illness in Pup Sports Promotion’s management, the  28th Dartistry Championships scheduled for Oct 7th $ 8th was postponed and the season extended through December 2016 with the 28th Dartistry Championships being scheduled for January 13th & 14th, 2017.

It has now been decided that the Dartistry Championships will be an ANNUAL EVENT with a Qualifying Season for the next Dartistry Championships running from January 1st through December 31st of each subsequent year.


This EVENT brings together most of the regular Circuit players for a SEASON END CELEBRATION filled with 3 to 5 separate dart tournaments, Chalker prizes, Door prizes, LARGE PRIZE PURSES, with FREE ENTRY FEES for Qualified Players.

At one time, the DFW ‘area’ consisted of 2 to 3 ‘neighborhoods’, so we held a 3 – 7 tournament event and called it the “Dartistry Championships” in addition to each ‘neighborhoods’ smaller TOC/SSS events. After 9/11 and the downward spiral in the US economy, we combined the neighborhoods back into ONE ‘area’ and started REQUIRING PLAYERS to Qualify for each of these exciting and unique Special Events.  This process can be accomplished by following the rules and procedures found on the linked pae of this website : http://dartcircuit.com/dartistry/qualification-process-and-status/.

Besides the LARGE PRIZE POOL that can be won in the different tournaments at the event, there are lots of score keeper (chalker) prizes given away throughout the day. In addition, there are occasional special gifts donated by different businesses that can also be won. We attempt to keep everyone busy between the event tournaments by holding special fast playing Singles tourneys and other fun games, too. To see what the payouts usually are and how many prizes can be won check out the Dartistry Archives.

Check your qualification status for any of the Upcoming Season-End Events … dive into the archives to see who has been the hot-shots in the past.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!