27th Dartistry Championships

27th Dartistry Championships

Friday, Oct 9th / Sat, Oct 10th / Sunday, Oct 11th, 2015

$4,000 total Guaranteed Payout

Payouts for Men’s Blind-Draw was $700
Payouts for Ladies’ Blind-Draw was $600
Payouts for Modified Blind-Draw was $1400
Payouts for Ladies’ Singles was $600
Payouts for Men’s Singles was $700
Plus Side Pots = Mystery Outs, High Outs, or Honey Pots ($575)
Chalker Prizes ($425)
(Funds for scorekeepers prizes came from the Eligible players entry fees, the Billiard Den, and Drinks Saloon.)
Add them all up = $5,000 Paid Out
This Season the Event was Three Days and held at TWO different sponsor’s clubs.
The Billiard Den on Friday Night & ALL DAY Saturday. Plus, Drinks Saloon on Sunday afternoon.
while it was ONLY $15 entry fee per event for Eligible Players & $5 for side pots for everyone.

THIS WAS THE TWELFTH SEASON WITH ZERO ENTRY FEES for QUALIFIED players. Plus, we again allowed players to be ELIGIBLE even though NOT Qualified (cost to them was only $15 per tourney). This is a winning formula which we continue until we can come up with something better. Hopefully, as the economy begins to improve (if at all), ‘The Circuit’ will see an increase in participation as a result and then these season-end Dartistries will get BIGGER. For now, ‘The Circuit’ is still providing TWO ‘DARTexciting’ weekend events for everyone who DESIRES to take advantage of them.

This season we were able to expand to THREE DAYS and SIX tournaments because of the cooperation and support of Drinks Saloon who used their Friday & Saturday Nights as Dartistry Qualifying tourneys (DQSL). That was how we managed SINGLES tourneys this season.

The Event began on Friday night with the Dartistry Warm-Up Tournament where an Extra $200 is added to the payout on top of the clubs’ normal $5 pp Add. With 44 players the total payout was $670 to the Top 4 finishing teams. See tourney results below. This is the Official Opening Night of the Dartistry Championships, however it is played like a Regular Circuit tournament with the results being posted on the Circuit’s Website and everyone’s participation also counting toward the 28th Dartistry Season.

Saturday’s tourneys at The Den started at 1:00 in the afternoon with the MEN’S BLIND-DRAW TOURNAMENT and 30 players. The LADIES’ BLIND-DRAW began at 1:30 pm with 16 players. Both were followed by a MODIFIED BLIND-DRAW that began at 7:30 pm with 44 players. Sunday afternoon’s tourneys were held at Drinks Saloon and began at 1:00 pm with the Men’s Singles and 18 players, while The Ladies Singles with 8 players followed immediately at 1:30 pm.

Saturday Afternoon, October 10th, 2015

We started this season’s Dartistry with a

MEN’S Blind-Draw

It began at 1:00 pm – 30 Players
$700 Paid Out Paid the Top 6 Finishing Positions;
Plus, we paid out $150 in Side Pots winnings.
[pic of winners coming soon]
1st Place – Eric Robison / David Garza – Award $ 155 ea.
2nd Place – Roger Piacenti / Jon Foreman – Award $ 100 ea.
3rd Place – Randy Piacenti / Tom Le – Award $ 50 ea.
4th Place – Ben Hendon / Gavin Smith – $ 30 ea.
5th Place – Paul Dunagan / Glenn Goad – $ 15 ea.
6th Place – Sam Chauhun / Lynn Burchfield – $ 15 ea.

70% Mystery Out Winners – Randy Piacenti / Tom Le # 38 = $ 30 ea.
30% Mystery Out Winners – Jeff Candelaria / Brett Burkett # 11 = $ 10 ea.
70% High Out Winners – Eric Robison / David Garza # 63 = $ 20 ea.
30% High Out Winners – Eric Robison / David Garza # 60 = $ 10 ea.

Other Teams Were:
Shawn Kilbury / Jeremy Chase
Danny Brown / Mark Yoder
John Rafa / James Brady
Steve Gagnon / Curt Hegeman
Jeff Smith / Bobby Weber
Juan Alfaro / Mario Muldanado
Bud Worth / Kevin Cook

Modest Showing with 30 out of 80 men fully qualified. Lots of people were out of town or a kids’ weekend with the State Fair and Texas/OU weekend. Next Oct we will push the Dartistry to the 3rd weekend in Oct when both of these are done.

LADIES’ Blind-Draw

It began at 1:30 pm – 16 Players
$600 Paid Out Paid the Top 4 Finishing Positions;
plus we paid out $80 in Side Pots winnings.
[pic of winners coming soon]
1st Place – Tara Bell / Terri Patterson – Award $ 140 ea.
2nd Place – Nelia Bartalome / Carrol Buckner – Award $ 85 ea.
3rd Place – Misty Yoder / Silvia Colfrey – Award $ 45 ea.
4th Place – Michelle Dumas / Suszi Gagnon – $ 30 ea.

70 % Mystery Out Winners – Nelia Bartalome / Carrol Buckner # 8 = $ 17 ea.
30 % Mystery Out Winners – Michelle Dumas / Suszi Gagnon # 10 = $7 ea.
70 % High Out Winners – Suszi Gagnon / Michelle Dumas # 78 = $ 16 ea.

Other Teams Were:
Toni Tarza / Trina (McPeters) Scott
Candace Neal / Sara Lloyd
Cassi Ahern / Valerie Goad
Moni Perez / Vanessa Pavicic

Well done Ladies.

Saturday Evening, October 10th, 2015

Modified Blind-Draw

It started at 7:30 pm – 44 Players. Thanks for coming out to play.
$1,400 Paid Out Paid to the TOP 8 Finishing Positions,
plus we paid out $220 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Ted Adamski / Jon Foreman – Award $ 260 ea.
2nd Place – Glenn Goad / David Lloyd – Award $ 170 ea.
3rd Place – Chris ‘CC’ Smith / Schad Scott – Award $ 100 ea.
4th Place – Ben Hendon / David Garza $ 60 ea.
5th & 6th Place – $ 35 ea.
– Valerie Goad / Chip Buckner
– Trina Scott / Curt Hegeman
7th & 8th Place – $ 20 ea.
– Suszi Gagnon / Sam Chauhun
– Steve Gagnon / Roger Piacenti

70% Honey Pot Winners – Valerie Goad / Chip Buckner = $ 30 ea.
30% Honey Pot Winners – Trina Scott / Curt Hegeman = $ 15 ea.
70% Mystery Out Winners – Trina Scott / Curt Hegeman # 12 = $ 30 ea.
30% Mystery Out Winners – Jeff Cox / Tom Le – # 42 = $15 ea.
70% High Out Winners – Ben Hendon / David Garza – # 136 = $ 15 ea.
30% High Out Winners – Ted Adamski / Jon Foreman # 74 = $ 5 ea.

Other Teams were:

Sara Lloyd / Justin Schaffer
Candace Neal / Anthony Morones
Kevin Cook / Jake Nelan
Zach McCarter / Shawn Kilbury
Marah Richardson / Bud Worth
Misty Yoder / Trent Brossert
Elisa Barfield / Brett Burkett
Terri Patterson / Eric Robison
Vanessa Pavicic / Mike Dorff
Tara Bell / John Rafa
Carrol Buckner / Jeff Candaleria
James Brady / Gavin Smith
Misty Yoder / Shawn Kilburn

Sunday Afternoon, October 11th, 2015 at Drinks Saloon

Men’s Singles

Started at 1:00 pm – 18 Players. Thanks for coming out to play.
$700 Paid Out Paid to the TOP 4 Finishing Positions,
plus we paid out $90 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Jon Foreman – Award $ 260 ea.
2nd Place – Junior Young – Award $ 180 ea.
3rd Place – David Garza – Award $ 100 ea.
4th Place – Donnie ‘DJ’ Flanagan $ 60 ea.
5th & 6th Place – $ 30 ea.
– Jeremy Chase
– Matthew Mowles
7th & 8th Place – $ 15 ea.
– Eric Robison
– Ted Adamski

Mystery Out Winner – Jon Foreman # 10 = $ 54 ea.
High Out Winner – Jeremy Chase # 126 = $ 34 ea.

Other Players were:
James Brady, Ramin Najafi, Jerry Clark, John Rafa, Ben Hendon, Shawn Kilbury, Gavin Smith, David Lloyd, Derek Demontigny, and Roger Piacenti.

There were 80 men FULLY Qualified for this event and so it was a dissappointing turnout for this Singles tourney. Especially, since it was FREE to all Qualified players. They missed a great practice opportunity, a chance to be a ‘Spoiler’, take down a Goliath, and maybe go home with some cash and PRIDE. Tis a shame.

Ladies’ Singles

Started at 1:30 pm – 8 Players. Thanks for coming out to play, ladies.
$600 Paid Out Paid to the TOP 4 Finishing Positions,
plus we paid out $40 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Morgan McCormack – Award $ 250 ea.
2nd Place – Kasia Reese – Award $ 160 ea.
3rd Place – Tara Bell – Award $ 90 ea.
4th Place – Caitlyn Pepe $ 50 ea.
5th & 6th Place – $ 25 ea.
– Toni Tarza
– Sara Lloyd

Mystery Out Winner – Morgan McCormack # 12 = $ 24 ea.
High Out Winner – Sara Lloyd # 49 = $ 16 ea.

Other Players were:
Elisa Barfield
Terri Patterson

I am surprised to see how few ladies showed up to play, especially considering how competitive these lady players can be. There were 31 Ladies FULLY Qualified for the Dartistry, meaning this tourney was FREE and only 8 showed up. Those that did – threw WELL and it was an exciting time. Sorry so many missed it.

A NEW PLAY FORMAT was used in ALL this Dartistry’s tournaments, including the Warm-Up tourney on Friday Night. You can see the ‘Rules of Play’ under this Format by clicking New Play Format Rules. > Yes it will take you off this page, but you can come back.   Your feedback on this Format would be greatly appreciated and all opinions will be used to determine how to improve this format or whether to just go back to the basic and original format used in the regular evening tournaments.


Between the Men’s & Ladies Blind-Draws we played some Quick SINGLES tourneys to keep everyone busy and having fun until the 7:00 pm Modified Draw. Time allowed us to play TWO (2) of these 8 player, single elimination, $5 Entry, and 2 Player Payout tourneys.

The Winners won $30 /$10. They were:
Chip Buckner / John Rafa
Shawn Kilbury / Bud Worth


I really like using the Eligible Players Entry Fees as scorekeeper/chalker prizes. However, this time we had a little twist. Along with having the players fill out a ‘Chalker Ticket’ for each game they kept score, EVERYONE WHO KEPT SCORE received a ‘Presidential $1 Collectible Coin’ per match. The ‘Chalker tickets’ were used for The Grand Chalker Prize at the end of the day’s event. With these PRIZES awarded, the tourneys moved quickly and smoothly as ‘the coins’ seemed very desired (LOL). At the end of Saturday’s Event a Grand Chalker Prize Winner was drawn. That $50 WINNER was Brett Burkett. COINgrats to everyone who walked away with a pocket full of coins. Thank You All for helping to keep the tourney running smooth and fast.

Director’s Notes:

Each season-end event has its own qualities and at the end makes up its own story and character. Many of the individual participants are the same each season, but the different combinations of players and personalities create interesting and exciting situations that are unique and memorable. This Dartistry was no exception to the above. Just the fact that IT WAS A THREE DAY EVENT instead of the normal TWO days added an EXCITING element to the weekend.

On Saturday We used all the Den’s Dart areas, including the back three boards and the Ladies’ Lair (Man Cave). The ladies seem to like the privacy. The day’s tournaments ran smooth with no unwanted and nasty ‘Drama’. It seemed to help that I had a new Microphone set up which worked fantastic, so we didn’t have the bullhorn I’ve used the past few years that caused anyone near me to run whenever I picked it up. Hahaha. Another BIG THANK YOU to Marcy Rothberg for providing a great venue in which to Host this Event; and to the Den’s Staff, including Krystal, Walker, Al, and Mike for providing such awesome service. On behalf of the Dart Players and myself, THANK YOU, Jennifer & Kim, for all your outstanding, double shift, long tiring day, and dedicated service.

On Sunday, Drinks Saloon was our HOST for the day. It provided plenty of space for the number of players we had and the pool table provided the light this old man needs to see and keep the tourneys running quick and smooth. Our bartender, Chris, did a fantastic job of keeping everyone well lubricated and happy as usual. Thanks Chris. The NO Smoking wasn’t that much of a factor as the ‘Presidential $1 Collectible Coins’ actually brought players back in from outside fairly quickly. A BIG THANK YOU to Caitlyn Pepe for working with The Circuit this past season. Sure wish we had more players on Sunday to show their appreciation for Drinks cooperation.

Each Dartistry for the last 11 seasons, I’ve had the pleasure of having Candace Neal as my co-director for this event. Thank you, Candace, for your tireless help. I know I said this LAST SEASON, but it’s worth repeating. “Your help every Dartistry makes this whole event so much easier to manage and enjoy by sharing the Director responsibilities. It’s nice to KNOW that you have MY and the PLAYERS BACKS, if I’m away. We have developed an ‘in charge’ symbiotic personality wherein we both like being in control telling the players where to go and what to do, and yet the players seem to like it (or just tolerate it). LOL. Thanks, again.”

A HUGE thank You always goes to my loving and adorable wife, Sara, for her tolerance of me during the preparation time for this event and during the weeks before when I’m running the nightly tournaments. SARA “I LOVE YOU”.

And of course a HUGE Thank You to ‘YOU, The Players’, for your continued participation each and every season. It’s great to know, I’m still providing a service you
appreciate and support. You’re all like ONE BIG FAMILY to me. Thanks.

The weekend’s Event went smooth even with trying out the NEW FORMAT. Seriously, I would love and NEED FEEDBACK from the Participating players concerning this format. Did you like it? Would you like to see it continue? What changes/modifications would you like to see?

I did take some photos with most of them posted on ‘Facebook’ already; and they will eventually be made a part of this Archived results page. I hope the pics and this results post will stimulate your memory cells and allow you to recall many of hours of the good times you had at this Dartistry.

The Circuit’s NEW WEBSITE has been operation for months, now. I hope you have had the chance to peruse it and use it to your satisfaction. Another BIG THANK YOU MUST go to ‘Chuck McGee Jr” who without his expertise, time, and patience (with me) this site would not be up and running. Everything seems more organized and easier to find. There is still some work to be done, however, all the major items like the weekly schedule, club locations, tourney history, qualification/eligibility stats, and Mystery Out Pot amount are working fine. I still have to LEARN to use the Management section more effectively to KEEP everything current. This old man is also an old dog who may know how to pick up sticks and throw darts, but some of this stuff is new and ‘I ain’t learned it yet’. But, I will. All suggestions that would ENHANCE your onsite experience it appreciated

Thank You for your continued support. It is my hope that as we proceed into the seasons to come that The Circuit will be able to FILL YOUR DART NEEDS and provide you with a venue of entertainment which you will enjoy. I do realize that YOU HAVE A CHOICE of where to play, that ‘things change, that ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, and that everything GOOD can be improved on, enhanced, and will be copied. It has been FUN; it still is, and I hope it will continue to be for you, too.

See you on the boards!
‘David Lloyd’ Kuntze, Circuit Director
Developer of the Traveling Mystery Out Pot, Modified Blind Draw, Honey Pot, Dartistry Championships, and more.
It has been a pleasure servicing the DFW Dart Community for 18+ years.


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!