30th Dartistry Championships

30th Dartistry Championships

Friday, January 11th / Sat, Jan. 12th, 2019

$4,200 total Guaranteed Payout

Payouts for Men’s Blind-Draw was $1,100
Payouts for Ladies’ Blind-Draw was $850
Payouts for Modified Blind-Draw was $2250
Plus Side Pots = Mystery Outs, High Outs, or Honey Pots ($716)
Chalker Prizes ($300)
Player Participation Prizes ($400)
Add in the Warm Up tourney on Friday ($954)
(Funds for scorekeepers prizes came from the Eligible players’ entry fees and the Billiard Den)
Add them all up =$6,570 Paid Out
This Event was held at The Billiard Den as it the Best Venue in Town for this Event.
while it was ONLY $15 entry fee per event for Eligible Players & $5 for side pots for everyone.

THIS WAS THE FIFTEENTH SEASON WITH ZERO ENTRY FEES for QUALIFIED players. Plus, we again allowed players to be ELIGIBLE even though NOT Qualified (cost to them was only $15 per tourney).  However, Eligible was earned by playing at least 5 times during the season (not just once).   This seems to be a winning formula which we will continue until we can come up with something better. Happily, ‘The Circuit’ saw an increase in participation this last year and as a result this season-end Dartistry DID get BIGGER. We hope this trend will continue.   The Circuit’s DARTISTRY SEASON runs from January 1st through December 31st of EACH YEAR and will continue to do so, as it seems to be working well. 

This season we, again, had a MEN’S BLIND-DRAW TOURNAMENT held on Saturday, January 12th, which began at 1:00 pm with 48 players. Plus, we had a LADIES’ BLIND-DRAW, also on Sat which began at 1:30 pm with 20 players. Both were followed by a LARGE MODIFIED BLIND-DRAW that began at 7:30 pm with 52 players.

We also held a Dartistry Warm-Up Tournament on Friday Night @ The Billiard Den with an Extra $300 added on top of the clubs’ normal $5 pp Add. There were 58 players bringing the total funds to $954 paid out to the Top 6 finishing teams. See results below. This is the Official Opening Night of the Dartistry Championships.  However, it is played like a Regular Circuit tournament with the results being posted on the Circuit’s Website and everyone’s participation also counts toward the 31st Dartistry Season. Since it is considered a regular tourney, the $2500 Mystery Out Pot and the Overflow Pot were available. The Main Pot was NOT Won, but the Overflow Pot was hit for over $200 to each winner.


Friday Evening, January 11th, 2019
Dartistry Warm-Up Tournament
Circuit Modified Regular Blind Draw

It began at 8:30 pm – 58 Players
$954 Paid Out (this included $300 extra added to the Payout).

We Paid the Top 6 Finishing Positions;
We paid out $232 in Side Pot winnings with another $116 going to the Circuit’s Mystery Out Pot.

1st Place – Mark Bland / Matthew Mowles – $ 215 ea.
2nd Place – Lindley Vaughan / David Lloyd – $ 130 ea.
3rd Place – Curt Hegeman / Randy Piacenti – $ 65 ea.
4th Place – Sean Peaslee / Roger Piacenti – $ 37 ea.
5th Place – Vince Reyna / Chet McKenna – $ 15 ea.
6th Place – Justin Welch / Larry Dobson – $ 15 ea.

70% Honey Pot Winners – Candace Neal / John Schmitz – $ 40 ea.
30% Honey Pot Winners – Suszi Gagnon / Troy Pople – $ 20 ea.
100% High Out Winners – Lindley Vaughan / David Lloyd – #90 = $ 30 ea.
There were NO MAIN Mystery Out Winners – # pulled was = 76. Balance Now is = $2500
The Overflow Pot (established when the main pot reaches $2,500) WAS WON.
Pot was $870. Sean Pealsee & Roger Piacenti were the lucky winners with $43 for $348 each. Congratulations guys.

Other Teams Were:

  • Becca Price / Josh Flowers
  • Mark Bunch / John Chambers
  • Judy Curtis / Danny Mitchell
  • Chip Buckner / Robert Johnson
  • Melissa Dotson / Roy Bacon
  • Tammy Young / Dwight Paul
  • Jennifer Harris / Chris CC Smith
  • Kasia Reese / Jovon Smith
  • Sara Lloyd / Chris Clinkenbard
  • Mark Yoder / Anthony Vergenz
  • Debbie Adams / Jeremy Chase
  • Jeremy Smith / Keith McDonald
  • Ben Hendon / Clete CJ Belyeu
  • Alex Peaslee / Jason Smith
  • Mariah Willinburg / Steve Gagnon
  • Dere Vaughn / Nez Rednick
  • Lori Vaughn / Mike Pyle
  • Julie Beckett / Ken Price
  • Corey Alexander / Paul Sheckels
  • Matt Madrid / Ben Reno Julius
  • Nathan Hammons / Ricky Crocker

There have been ONLY a few WarmUp tourneys over the years with 56+ players. This one TOPPED the Charts 58 players. This was a FUN night with 29 teams. There were 13 MOP #s hit and NO Main (# 76), but there was a winners.

Somehow we managed to again have our Dartistry on the same weekend as the Large Soft-tip tourney in Wichita Falls. They just don’t consider The Circuit in there scheduling, therefore WE don’t worry about them either. LOL. ALL in all, this was a good showing with everyone seeming to have a great time.

Saturday Afternoon, January 12th, 2019
We started this Dartistry season’s Saturday Event with a
MEN’S Blind-Draw

It began at 1:00 pm – 48 Players
$1,100 Paid Out Paid the Top 8 Finishing Positions;
Plus, we paid out $240 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Crash Adcock / Troy Pople – Award $ 220 ea.
2nd Place – Jeremy Smith / paul Scheckells – Award $ 125 ea.
3rd Place – Chris Cude / Jeremy Chase – Award $ 80 ea.
4th Place – Danny Mitchell / Justin Petronico – $ 45 ea.
5th & 6th Place – Clete CJ Belyeu / Matthew Mowles & Robert Johnson / Bruce Gerlach – $25 ea.
7th & 8th Place – Chip Buckner / Robert Bartleson & Nez Redzic / Keith McDonald – $25 ea.

70% Mystery Out Winners – Vince Reyna / Don Hall #20 = $ 50 ea.
30% Mystery Out Winners – Bruce Gerlach / Robert Johnson # 18 = $ 22 ea.
70% High Out Winners – Chip Buckner / Robert Bartleson # 92 = $ 33 ea.
30% High Out Winners – Clete CJ Belyeu / Matthew Mowles # 72 = $ 15 ea.

Other Teams Were:

  • Gavin Smith / Roger Piacenti
  • Steve Gagnon / Randy Piacenti
  • Richie Cooper / John Chambers
  • lindley Vaughan / Kevin Cook
  • Luis Garza / Mark Yoder
  • Jeff Torres / John Schmitz
  • Larry Dobson / Stephen White
  • Justin Welch / Danny Bartelome
  • Rodney West / Curt Hegeman
  • Mark Bland / Jovon Smith.
  • Marty Abel / Chris CC Smith
  • Rollin Hawkins / Ricky Crocker
  • Sean Peasley / Shawn Kilbury
  • Harold Davis / Chris Cude

• Good Showing. Great Darts. Well done everyone. We played 2 of 3 in the Winner’s Bracket and 1 Game in the Loser’s Bracket.

LADIES’ Blind-Draw
began at 1:30 pm – 20 Players
$850 Paid Out Paid the Top 6 Finishing Positions;
plus we paid out $100 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Mariah Willenburg / Suszi Gagnon – Award $ 180 ea.
2nd Place – Amber Hughes/ Jessi Reyna – Award $ 110 ea.
3rd Place – Lorrie Cooper / Misty Yoder – Award $ 70 ea.
4th Place – Debbie Adams / Sara Lloyd – $ 35 ea.
5th Place – Melissa Dotson / Jessica Steward – $ 20 ea.
6th Place – Alex Peasley / Lorie Vaughn – $ 20 ea.

70 % Mystery Out Winners – Mariah Willenborg / Suszi Gagnon # 32 = $ 20 ea.
30 % Mystery Out Winners – Mariah Willenborg / Suszi Gagnon # 100 = $10 ea.
100 % High Out Winners – Mariah Willenborg / Suszi Gagnon # 100 = $ 40 ea.

Other Teams Were:

  • Kasia Reese / Jennifer Harris
  • Susan Gerlach / Candace Neal
  • Nelia Bartelome / Tammy Young
  • Ruth Hendon / Danielle Hall

The Ladies played 2 of 3 in the Winner’s Bracket & 2 of 3 in the Loser’s Bracket in the ‘Ladies Lair’. Lets see if we can get MORE next season.

Saturday Evening, January 12th, 2019
Modified Blind-Draw
Started at 7:30 pm – 52 Players.
Thanks for coming out to play.
$2,250 Paid Out Paid to the TOP 8 Finishing Positions,
plus we paid out $260 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Rodney West / Crash Adcock – Award $ 400 ea.
2nd Place – Chet McKenna / Robert Bartleson – Award $ 270 ea.
3rd Place – Curt Hegeman / Troy Pople – Award $ 160 ea.
4th Place – Cen Hendon / Justin Petronico $ 100 ea.
5th & 6th Place – Marty Abel / Chris CC Smith & Danielle Hall / Shawn Kilbury– $ 60 ea.
7th & 8th Place – Luis Garza / Roger Castillo & Vince Reyna / Roger Piacenti – $ 40 ea.
70% Honey Pot Winners – Danielle Hall / Shawn Kilbury = $ 35 ea.
30% Honey Pot Winners – SPLIT 3 Ways between – Judy Curtis / Nez Redzic & Candace Neal / Richie & Tammy Young / Justin Welch = $ 5 ea.
70% Mystery Out Winners – Roni Doggett / Jim Fritts – # 10 = $ 36 ea.
30% Mystery Out Winners – Chet McKenna / Robert Bartleson – # 4 = $ 15 ea.
70% High Out Winners – Jessi Reyna / Bruce Gerlach – # 92 = $ 15 ea.
30% High Out Winners – Debbie Adams / Jeff Torres – # 78 = $ 10 ea.

Other Teams were:

  • Ruth Hendon / Kevin Cook
  • Mark Bland / Lindley Vaughan
  • Danny Bartelome / Mike Prince
  • Clete CJ Belyeu / John Schmitz
  • Misty Yoder / Danny Young Sr
  • jennifer Harris / Anthony Morones
  • Sara Lloyd / Pirooz Najafi
  • Alex Peaslee / Chip Buckner
  • Mark Yoder / Robert Johnson
  • Randy Piacenti / Ben Reno Julius
  • Mariah Willenborg / Chris Cude
  • Melissa Dotson / Sean Peaslee
  • Susan Gerlach / David Lloyd


Between the Men’s & Ladies Blind-Draws we played some Quick SINGLES tourneys to keep everyone busy and having fun until the 7:30 pm Modified Draw. Time allowed us to play FIVE (5) of these 8 player, single elimination, $5 Entry, and 2 Player Payout tourneys.
The Winners won $30 /$10. Winners were – John Schmidt / Ricky Crocker – Marty Abel / Steve Gagnon – Shawn Kilbury / Nez Redzic – Vince Reyna / John Schmidt – John Schmidt / Jim Fritts. Most of these matches they split the finals and quickly jumped into another Singles Tourney. These have become quite popular during these Dartistry Events and will be continued.


This season our Scorekeeper prizes were Presidential $1 gold plated coins. Over $200 in coins were awarded to the many players who kept score and kept the tournament moving along smooth. The Players could then TRADE those Coins for a Chance to Win MORE MONEY by Busting a Balloon. There was over $300 in 50 Balloons. Some had cash, some prizes, and some NADA. It was a VERY POPULAR GAME. Three balloons had a $50 prize. Dang, all 3 were won within the first few hours. Unlike last time where the BIG $100 was almost the last balloon of the day. Haha. We will do this again.


This year I again decided to ADD a REWARD PROGRAM for all the players who supported The Circuit during this SECOND ONE YEAR SEASON. For every tournament a person played during the season they EARNED a ‘Player Participation Ticket’ and a CHANCE to WIN various Prizes which ranged from HUGE STUFFED Animals to Gifts and CASH.

[INSERT Stuffed Animals pic]

Every ‘Qualified’ player received ONE Ticket for every tournament they played in during this extended season. Each had to sign the back and place them in the Drawing Jar. I had the players themselves sign and separate them, so each KNEW how many chances they had to win.
Every half hour we DREW a TICKET and the person’s whose name was on it – got to Reach into a basket and pull out a plastic egg that had their prize in it.. There were over 40 prizes given away on Saturday. FUN! FUN! FUN!
‘The Winners’ and what they took home were:
$50 Gift Card to STIRR Rest – Roger Piacenti (Donated by Paul Sheckells employer)
3 – $30 Gift Card to Alamo Cinema – Judy Curtis, Lorrie Cooper, & Danielle Hall (donated by John C.)
Wooden Puzzle Games – Misty Yoder
Can of Sugar Cookies – Clete CJ Belyeu (just what he needed –haha)
2 – Small Umbrella – Crash Adcock, Ricky Crocker, & Sara Lloyd
Can of Poppycock – Danielle Hall (probably went to her sons)
2 – Extendable Selfie Tool – NEZ & Jennifer Harris (she’s already been using it)
Marshmallow Roasting Stick – Crash Adcock
Shot Glass Pong Game – Danny Young Sr
Wine Bottle Glass – Ben Hendon
Man Cave Bar Light – Curt Hegeman
Inflatable Ring Toss Game – Sean Peaslee
Sharper Image Missile Launcher – Shawn Kilbury
Self-Stirring Coffee Mug – Mark Bland
Small Tool Box – Ben Hendon
Harry Potter Chocolate Wand – Jeff Torres (did he eat it or try to cast a spell?)
EXTRA Large Stuffed Bear – Ben ‘Reno’ Julius
Stuffed Elephant – Justin Welch (I’m sure he gave it to Mariah)
Stuffed Monkey – Tammy Young (she just loves her monkey)
Sequined Avenger Pillow – Richie Cooper
2 – Small Flying Drone – Ricky Crocker & Lorrie Cooper
Toilet Fishing Game – Tammy Young
Choice of Small Jewelry Box – Danny Young, Jessi Reyna, & Mark Bland
3 – Fidget Spinners – Clete CJ Belyeu, Robert Bartleson, & Melissa Dotson
Magnetic Dart Board – Jennifer Harris
Blue Cat Muscle Massager – John Schmitz & Randy Piacenti
$50 Phil Taylor Darts – Judy Curtis
$30 Aces High Darts – Misty Yoder
7 – $5 in Cash – Amber Hughes, Ruth Hendon, Keith McDonald, Robert Johnson,
Mariah Willenborg, Danielle Hall, & Roger Castillo

Everyone who Played in a Saturday Tourney got to choose a Square in the Football Pool. Each Quarter someone won $25. Winners were:  Rollin Hawkins, Nelia Bartalome, Don Howard, & Ricky Crocker.

Director’s Notes:

This Dartistry took on its own personality and character, as each does. By adding a few extra BONUS Rewards it kept the players more involved throughout the event and excited.
Once again, we’ve had the pleasure of Candace Neal & Sara Lloyd, plus the enthusiastic help of Jennifer Harris (behind the director’s table), Tammy Young (making sure every Chalker got his/her $1 coin), & John Schmidt (handling the balloon Bust) working as my co-directors for this event. Thank you, Ladies & John, for your tireless help. I know I said this LAST SEASON, but it’s worth repeating. “Your help every Dartistry makes this whole event so much easier to manage and enjoy by sharing the Director responsibilities. It’s nice to KNOW that you all have MY and the PLAYERS BACKS if I’m away. We have developed an ‘in charge’ symbiotic personality wherein we ALL like being in control telling the players where to go and what to do, and yet the players seem to like it, too. LOL. Thanks, again.” I couldn’t have made through this without you and my wife, SARA. In fact, I barely did. The chair ended up being my best friend toward the end of the day. Every Year the strain & stress increases whereby it takes MORE REST TIME after the tourney is over to recover. This time it took a few visits to the Chiropractor and a week of bed rest. Next season??????

THE BILLIARD DEN comes through AGAIN as ‘the’ place to hold The Dartistry. At this time, there is still NO OTHER Venue in town which ‘fits the bill’ as the seasonal location for this EVENT this event. Thank You, Marcy, for Hosting the DARTISTRY, again. You and your staff (too long to even list them) continue to provide excellent service. Thank You to all the bartenders who continuously poured and served our drinks like Jennifer, Kim, Al, Brandy, & Walker. Of course without chefs, Daniel and Ernest ALL of US would have wilted way before the time most of us did. Thanks to the whole STAFF for your outstanding, double shift, long tiring day, and dedicated service. I know you ALL volunteered for this, so I surely hope the players tipped you well. Thanks everyone.

The weekend started off with our USUAL Friday Night Dartistry Warm-Up Tourney where everyone has their final opportunity to become ‘Eligible and/or Qualified’ for the Main Event on Saturday. I love this phrase …. “It ignites the ‘BURN’ and the ‘YEARN’ for a great weekend of ‘DARTS’! “. It has been and will continue to be a part of the Dartistry program. There were 14 mixed teams at this season’s Warm-Up tourney, but alas NONE of them finished in the TOP SIX places this year. Hopefully, they will next time.

On Saturday, we were all ready to go by Noon when the Den’s doors opened. Players started showing up a few minutes before that to Practice before Saturday’s Dartistry Tourneys began at 1 pm with the Men’s Blind Draw & the Ladies Blind Draw at 1:30. 48 Men & 20 ladies. The men played in the main area while the ladies chose the Ladies’ Lair for their own private little tourney.

We didn’t start the Modified Blind Draw till around 7:30 pm.  The Men played 2 of 3 W and 1 Game in the L bracket.  While the Ladies played 2 of 3 in both Brackets.   It took them till 7 pm to finish both. But, it was well worth it.

OK, I haven’t finished this final PAGE just yet, but it will get done soon and posted on the website.
Thank You, again, for your continued support. Remember, to get Qualified Early this season.
See you on the boards!
David Lloyd, Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!