Tournament of Champions III – Saturday, September 25th, 1999

The event was held at The Red Onion Club on Forest Ave in Garland.

We had a total of 91 players at this event. That gave us 46 teams after the odd person drawback. There were 230 players who qualified during the four-month qualification period of May 24th, through Sept 24th. That is a 40% rate. At the TOC 1 we had 84 people, the TOC II we had 104 people. A good showing considering most every one has a life besides darts.

For the second straight TOC, we paid the top sixteen places!

The Results

Position Players Names Prize
1st Place Art Gonzales / Davis Snider $ 265 ea.- plaques
2nd Place Wayne Griser / James White $ 163 ea.- plaques
3rd Place Larry Ballard / John Williams $ 104 ea.- plaques
4th Place Denise Berry / Danny Tatum $ 67 ea.- plaques
5th Place Mike Lee / Butch Brown $ 41 ea.
6th Place Erik Kilgore / Bruce Tackett $ 41 ea.
7th Place C. J. Beyleu / Don Lamb $ 27 ea.
8th Place Byron Eldridge / Greg Wenaas $ 27 ea.
9th Place Shawn Kilbury / Tom Vincent $ 15 ea.
10th Place Annette Ferguson / Steve Kindred $ 15 ea.
11th Place Mike Tilley Sr. / Richard Moon $ 15 ea.
12th Place Denise Williams / Schad Scott $ 15 ea.
13th Place August Rossmondo / Ricky Moon $ 10 ea.
14th Place Christina Tilley / Dennis Uribe $ 10 ea.
15th Place Shawna Hatfield / Panama $ 10 ea.
16th Place Colin Jones / Rick Clark $ 10 ea.

Honey Pot winners

Highest Placing team – Denise Berry / Danny Tatum
2nd highest team – Denise Williams/ Schad Scott
3rd highest team – Annette Ferguson / Steve Kindred

Mystery Out winners

1st # drawn – 94 – Erik Kilgore / Bruce Tackett
2nd # drawn – 56 – Greg Wenaas / Byron Eldridge
3rd # drawn – 90 – Butch Brown / Mike Lee

High Out Hit

Highest out hit – 125 – Danny Tatum / Denise Berry
2nd highest out – 94 – Bruce Tackett / Erik Kilgore
3rd highest out – 90 – Butch Brown / Mike Lee

Door & Chalker prize winners:

2 – Souvenir pillows donated by the Circuit – Alex Mena,
1 – Corel business software program donated by Shiney’s – Tom Wuensch
2 – Dallas Mavericks basketball game donated by Austin Ave – Roy Bacon
1 – Set of Magnatec darts, donated by Lone Star Darts – Chip Adams (who promptly sold them to someone)
1 – Large Music Jam Box donated by the Red Onion – Chuck McGee, Jr.
2 – United Artist theatre, coupon and $10, the Circuit – Frank Schiller
2 – Cinemark theatre tickets donated by the Circuit –
2 – Loews theatre tickets donated by the Circuit – Nancy Homan
2 – Loews theatre tickets donated by the Circuit – Joe Gordon
4 – Family bowling passes ($80 value) donated by Club Key Largo – Chip Adams, Mike Thomas, Ricky Moon and Pete Ponder
1 – Magnum Dart Blow Gun donated by Lone Star darts – Mark Fleishcer
1 – Youth Prize of 2 Cinemark theatre tickets, the Circuit – Christina Tilley

Director’s Notes:

The day started very early for everyone who was helping to set up for this tournament at the Red Onion Club. At 8:00 a.m., Joe Nelson, Joe Gordon, Tom Form (VP of the DDA), and a friend were meeting with a Richardson City Official to pick-up the dart standards for this tournament. It seems the city was renting these standards for a few days and would not release them on Friday night. Well, it caused some confusion and an early start for those involved, however, it had its benefits, too.

It allowed me to run the Friday night tourney at Shiney’s instead of having Don run it. And everyone got the chance to relax that evening instead of working to set up the standards. Beside my TOC help wouldn’t be available until the morning anyway. Of course, at the time, our plans had been screwed up and we were all upset to some extent. But, the Lord was looking out for us. I guess everything works out for the best in hind site, with a positive outlook.

At 10:30 am, James White, Kevin Whitely, Alex Schaer, Joe Gordon, Joe Nelson and a couple of their friends helped to bring the standards up the back stairs and then the TOC CREW went to work. Within an hour an a half we had the standards up, the lights on, the dart boards hung, the posters ready and basically were ready for everyone to arrive. Participants starting arrivng about 12:30 p.m and the fun began. By 2:30 p.m. we had 91 players and a whole lot of spectators.

The layout for the tournament worked out great. All the boards could be seen from the director’s table and the “mike” at the table worked fine once it was fixed. We had a few difficulties learning to work effectively with the new tournament bracket board I made. But, we eventually got it figured out and things progressed speedily and smooth. Kevin, James, Sara, and myself shared the responsibilities behind the director’s table while we all got the opportunity to play. Alex ran the 301 shoot-out in the back room and kept a lot of people busy and active between their turns to shoot.

With 91 people entered and quite a few spectators cheering on, the place was happening. The bar had NO trouble holding this amount of people and keeping them entertained to some extent. There were pool tables in the back, Bingo and 777 games keeping many of them busy. There was sandwiches made fresh by the bar with a list of the local restaurants that delivered. There were three to four waitresses and two bartenders that amply supplied the needs of the attendees. There were a few altercations throughout the day between the staff and the participants, however, they were worked out effectively and only left a couple of unhappy people as expected with any large event such as this.

We had NEW Circuit T-shirts and Polo-style shirts for sale in a few varieties. We had some with collars and pockets, some had no collars – but pockets, and some more with collars and no pockets. There were five different colors – white, grey, beige, light blue and yellow. We started out with 60 and still HAVE 20 remaining for those that didn’t have an opportunity to attend. Some of the participants even chose to wear them during the event. Hopefully, the rest will be sold over the next TWO weeks to those who couldn’t be there, or didn’t have the funds that day. The t-shirts without collars, but with/or without pockets sold for $15.00; while the shirts with collars and pockets sold for $20.00. They will be for sale at the same price unless someone buys a lot at one time. Special thanks should go out to Colin & Danny for their thoughtful help to watch over them giving the TOC staff a chance to participate in the event as well.

We had a Raffle item of a handmade dart quilt along with matching souvenir pillows that was won by Lisa Miller. The proceeds for this quilt was given to Tammy Young’s mother for her efforts in making it for this tournament. Hopefully, Lisa will enjoy it.

There were FIFTEEN Door Prizes given away. All were donated by the Circuit sponsors, the Circuit, and other businesses as a thank you to the dart players for their continued support of the regular weekly dart tournaments.

We hope everyone has a great time and we look forward to seeing everyone during the regular scheduled weekly tournaments. TOC IV information will be available soon.

Thanks Again!

David Lloyd
Tournament Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!