Tournament of Champions V – Saturday, May 20th, 2000

The largest guarantee ($2,000) in circuit history, with actual money and prizes given away totaling … over $ 2,700. Where were you this TOC Saturday?

Saturday, May 20th, 2000 at the Red Onion Club on Forest Lane just east of Jupiter Rd, above the First Cash Pawnshop in Garland, Texas.

This was the first season, where the dart players HAD to play 10 times during a four month qualification period and place “in the Money” at least one time in the ten times or more that they played in a Circuit tournament. As a result, we only had 102 people FULLY qualify for this TOC, BUT we did have an AMAZING 80% turnout with 76 players (38 teams) and a lot of spectators. I guess the 10 game play rule makes it so everyone that does qualify feels they might as well play in the TOC when they have the chance since they spent that time and money. NOW, all we have to do is increase the number of fully qualified players to over 150 and we will have a tremendous tournament. The Circuit’s (my) new challenge is to build up the number of qualified people over the next 4 months.

The total Prize Money for the TOC-5 was $2,360. The Purse was $1,720. And the Entry Fee prize money was $640. Add in the door prizes, chalker prizes and misc. extra monies for the ladies top three positions and it totaled over $2,700. So many people missed a great time. Check out the PAYOUT difference from TOC-4. That’s quite an increase, in spite of the lower turnout.

The Results
Position Players Names TOC V TOC IV
1st Place * Larry Ballard / Steve Fisher $274 ea. $366 ea.
2nd Place * Shawn Kilbury / Dave Young $186 ea. $176 ea.
3rd Place * Jeff Long / Jeremy Smith $130 ea. $119 ea.
4th Place * Brad Brison / Butch Brown $90 ea. $83 ea.
5th Place Clint Russum / Mike Nelson $70 ea. $56 ea.
6th Place Jeff Allsop / Tim Sopp $70 ea. $56 ea.
7th Place John Holman / Darla Duncan $50 ea. $37 ea.
8th Place Schad Scott / Dennis Uribe $50 ea. $37 ea.
9th Place Jon Nesbitt / TA Bonnewell $30 ea. $20 ea.
10th Place Tim Vasquez / Chuck Hortman $30 ea. $20 ea.
11th Place Nancy Holman / David Lloyd $30 ea. $20 ea.
12th Place Alan Pennini / Ricky Morales $30 ea. $20 ea.
13th Place Sheryl Russum / Suszi Gagnon $20 ea. $15 ea.
14th Place Dwayne Alexander / Jeff Young $20 ea. $15 ea.
15th Place Richard Miller / Brian Alexander $20 ea. $15 ea.
16th Place C. J. Beyleu / Stan Martin $20 ea. $15 ea.
* PLUS the top 4 positions received great looking plaques made by Awards Depot

Honey Pot winners

Highest Placing team – Darla Duncan / John Holman – $28 ea.
2nd highest team – Nancy Homan / David LLoyd – $12 ea.

There were 2 all women’s teams as compared to 6 AWT in TOC-4

Highest Placing All Women’s Team – Sheryl Russum / Suszi Gagnon – $25 ea.
2nd Highest Placing All Womens Team – Lisa Miller / Karen McFalls – $15 ea.

Highest Placing Lady – Darla Duncan – $30
2nd Highest Placing Lady – Nancy Holman – $20
3rd highest placing Lady – Sheryl Russum / Suszi Gagnon – $10

Mystery Out winners

1st # drawn – 54 – Nancy Homan / David Lloyd – $58 ea
2nd # drawn – 32 – Larry Pentlin / Mark Bunch – $35 ea.
3rd # drawn – 35 – Ted Tessum / Roy Bacon – $24 ea.

High Out Hit

Highest out hit – 110 – Dave Young / Shawn Kilbury – $28 ea.
2nd highest out – 70 – Brad Brison / Butch Brown – $12 ea.

Door & Chalker prize winners:

There were SIXTEEN Door Prizes given away this day. All were donated by the Circuit sponsors, the Circuit, and other businesses as a thank you to the dart players for their continued support of the regular weekly dart tournaments. Carron Farrell and Kim Readmon handled the distribution of the Door Prizes and Chalker Prizes this TOC. They did a great job. Thank you ladies for your efficient and generous help.
Here is a listing of the door prizes and the winners:

2 – Dallas Maverick Tickets donated by Austin Ave – Kim Readmon
2 – Loews Movie tickets donated by the Circuit – Tim Vasquez
2 – AMC Movie tickets donated by the Circuit – T. A. Bonnewell
$ 30 Cash donated th Red Onion Club – Ricky Morales
$ 50 Gift Cert. / Bar tab at Kelly’s – Art Gonzales
Dart Bitch Coffee Mug donated by the Circuit – George Gata
1 Yucatan T-Shirt donated by Yucatan Liquid Stand – Suszi Gagnon
1 Yucatan T-Shirt donated by Yucatan Liquid Stand – Kay Shannon
1 Salute’s T-Shirt donated by Salute’s – Paul McFalls
2 – Cinemark Movie tickets donated by the Circuit – Kent Johnson
1 Salute’s T-Shirt donated by Salute’s – Butch Brown
1 Salute’s T-Shirt donated by Salute’s – Tammy Young
1 Chalker’s T-Shirt donated by Chalker’s – Darla Duncan
Dart Sheath & mini darts donated by the Circuit – Darla Duncan
Dart Case donated by Lone Star Darts – Richard Miller
Dart Sheath & mini darts donated by the Circuit – Jeff Yount

Plus lots of misc. dart equipment as chalker prizes. Thanks everyone for your help in chalking. Hopefully, all the players chalked at least once. HAHAHAHA, that’s a laugh, because most of the chalking is done by just a few dedicated and smiling faces. May those of you who avoid the chore feel guilty and have an itch that you can’t scratch. See ya’ll on the Boards.

Director’s Notes:

OK. It’s been almost 5 months since my heart attack on Jan 8th. Physically I feel as if it never happened. Emotionally, that’s a different story. Perhaps I’ll share it someday, but not now. I WISH TO THANK EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING THE CIRCUIT these last four months. It is my hope that you have found some enjoyment in your participation. Because, that is what it is for…FUN. NOW, I know, when you have a less than favorable draw it makes it difficult to have fun, because you normally lose. Out in 2, sucks! Been there, done that, more than any of you, because I play more than any of you. IT IS JUST PART OF THE BLIND DRAW CONCEPT. Yet, the blind-draw IS the FAIREST WAY, unless we want to get into handicapping and modifications. Either way AND even then, there is always someone who ends up losing! Personally, I wish we could all BE winners, EVERY tournament. IF YOU COME THERE TO RELAX AND HAVE FUN…..THEN, WE DO ALL END UP WINNERS. If you’re coming there for any other reason and expecting the best possible scenario every time, then your NOT going to be happy. You’ll get pissed off, when you’re on a losing streak and BLAME it on the Circuit or me. Haven’t you every heard that …… “Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE”. Whether you have a good time or bad, depends on the reason you showed up to play. Enough said for now. PLEASE KEEP ON COMING & HAVING A GOOD TIME. I WILL CONTINUE TO TRY AND MAKE IT A FAST PACED, FAIR TOURNAMENT FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY!

The TOC Crew, this time, was James White, Mike Kasper, Carron Farrell, Kim Readmon, and myself. With a LOT of other volunteers who helped set up and run the tournament. This includes C. J. Beyleu, Schad Scott, Ricky Moon, Jeff Allsop, Chip Adams, T.A. Bonnewell, Terry Toth, Shawn Kilbury, and a few others, who helped set up the standards, lights, boards, tournament directors area and move the tables. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. With a special thanks to Chuck McGee Jr. for making it possible for all the Circuit players to view this info on the World Wide Web. He is the Circuit’s Webmaster with a lot of exciting things he is planning and working toward adding for everyone’s benefit. Three Cheers for the Circuit’s team. If you helped and I forgot to mention you, please forgive me and make sure you remind me to update this paragraph.

This TOC went very smooth. It started on time, and finished by 9:45 pm. The standards were down and loaded on the truck by 10:15 pm and everyone was gone or playing in Red Onion’s Sat. night tournament. The mike worked fine this time, and other than those who lost too quickly, everyone seemed happy. I will mention that the toilets didn’t work until around 6pm, so most everyone had to use the port-a-poddy or go to the bowling alley for a restroom break. Some of the women posted guards on the men’s room and used it. Nuf said, that situation stank, and it still bothers Betty Roland, Red Onion’s owner. SHE APPOLOGIES TO EVERYONE FOR THE INCONVIENCE IT CAUSED and hopes you’ll all come back again, as the toilets work fine now.

Thanks Again!

David Lloyd
Tournament Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!