Tournament of Champions VI – September 30th, 2000

Another Big Day in CIRCUIT history!

between the
“Tournament of Champions VI”
Both the Men’s and Ladies’
“Super Singles Shoot-Out”

The Dallas Dart Players shared in over $3,500 worth of Awards and Prize Money.

Saturday, September 30th, 2000 at Kelly’s Private Club on the corner of Walnut and Audelia Roads, in North Dallas, a dedicated and talented group of over 100 DART PLAYERS, eagerly competed for the right to be known as “The King of the Roost” and “The Queen Bee” of the CIRCUIT. This was the Sixth Tri-Annual Tournament of Champions held by Pub Sports Promotions (PSP), since its inception back in August of 1998. However, this time, PSP added TWO NEW Events, The Men’s and Ladies’ Super Singles Shoot-out.

For the four preceding months of May 23rd to September 29th, the CIRCUIT’s men and women dart players have competed in a series of nightly MODIFIED Blind-Draw Dart Tournaments. The winners of these tourneys QUALIFIED for the right to play and compete in the Super Singles Shoot-out on Sept. 30th and the Tournament of Champions VI held later the same day. These TWO NEW EVENTS had been anxiously awaited and highly anticipated by all the dart players. PSP didn’t let its players down and neither did the “Quality of the Darts” that were thrown that day.

This was the SECOND season, where the dart players HAD to play 10 times during a four-month qualification period and place “in the Money” at least one time in the ten or more times they played in a Circuit tournament. In order to play in the “Super Singles Shoot-out” the men had to place FIRST at least once. The Ladies either had to place FIRST or WIN the HONEY POT in at least one tournament. As a result, there were 43 men doing the head to head thing; and 20 women competing just as eagerly and heated as the men, maybe even more so. The winners earned the titles of “The King of the Roost” and “The Queen Bee”.

The competition competing for the title and the prize was tough. The ultimate winners had to WIN Two out of Three games (501, Cricket, 301, no repeating games in a match) against some of the best dart players in Dallas. The two DARTISTS who ended up taking home the TITLE, the plaques and the First Place Money was………..

The King of the Roost – Mike Kasper
The Queen Bee – Lorrie Duran

Kasper managed to squeek by Larry Ballard for the win in a neck and neck battle down to the last game in the second 2 out 3 match. Lorrie Duran didn’t have it much easier, as Suszi Gagnon came roaring back from the loser’s bracket and pushed the finals to the second 2 out of 3 match. WELL PLAYED EVERYONE!

Congratulations to Larry Ballard for a valiant effort and Second Place. The Men’s Third place in very tight match went to Chip Adams. Fourth place in a close match went to Voddie Adamcewicz.

Congratulations to Suszi Gagnon for her exciting Second Place win and a tremendous thank you for all the score keeping she did along the way. Third Place in the Ladies singles went to Darla Forman. Fourth Place went to Rachel Bowman and her baby on board.
Men’s SSS Mystery Out winners

1st # drawn / 50 – $ 92 – Mike Kasper
2nd # drawn / 25 – $ 40 – Ken Crossland

Men’s SSS High Out Hit

High out hit / 129 – $ 88 – Schad Scott

Ladies SSS Mystery Out winners

1st # drawn / 23 – $ 42 – Suszi Gagnon
2nd # drawn / 25 – $ 18 – Lorrie Duran

Ladies’s SSS High Out Hit

High Out hit / 104 – $ 40 – Suszi Gagnon

The Super Singles Shoot-outs took almost four hours, and all the winners combined took home over a $1,000 and a few door prizes. Thanks go to everyone who played for an exciting early afternoon Singles tournament. BUT, the day was NOT OVER YET by any means!

The “Tournament of Champions VI”, held at 5 p.m. right after the SSS, had 88 players. There were 126 people FULLY qualified for this TOC, so we had a great turnout of almost 70% and a lot of spectators. This TOC lasted until 1:45 a.m. They’re were a lot of tired dart players by the time we reached the finals, BUT we had TWO very excited individuals when it was all over. ONE of the players had a very good day, A VERY GOOD DAY INDEED. Still standing at the end of the Blind-Draw was Brad Brison and our First SSS “King of the Roost”, Mike Kasper.

The total Prize Money for the TOC-6 was $2,404. The Purse was $1,700 And the Entry Fee prize money was $704. Add in the door prizes, chalker prizes and misc. extra monies for the ladies top three positions and it totaled over $2,700. Time well spent for everyone concerned.

The Results
Position Players Names
* 1st Place Brad Brison / Mike Kasper
* 2nd Place Chip Adams / Dave Ditka
* 3rd Place Juliet McGee / Davis Snider
* 4th Place Jeff Allsop / Roberto Castenheira
5th Place Larry Ballard / Doug White
6th Place Roy Bacon / Shawn Kilbury
7th Place Ken Crossland / Ted Adamski
8th Place C. J. Beyleu / Voddie Adamcewicz
9th Place Kent Johnson / John Homan
10th Place Byron Eldridge / Steve Kindred
11th Place Jose Pesina / Chip Stathan
12th Place Butch Brown / David Lloyd
13th Place Kay Shannon / Schad Scott
14th Place Glen Sipe / Darla Forman
15th Place Lora Tenninson / James White
16th Place Chuck McGee, Jr. / KC Adamcewicz
* The top 4 positions received great looking plaques made by Awards Depot

Honey Pot winners

Highest Placing team – Juliet McGee / Davis Snider
2nd highest team – Kay Shannon / Schad Scott (after a 4 way play-off)

There was ONLY ONE all women’s team

Highest Placing All Women’s Team – Dawn Schwalen / Tracy Jordan

Highest Placing Lady – Juliet McGee – $30
2nd Highest Placing Lady – Kay Shannon – $20
3rd highest placing Lady – KC Adamcewicz – $10

Mystery Out winners

1st # drawn – 19 – Dennis Uribe / Mike Lynch – $68 ea
2nd # drawn – 6 – Jose Pesina / Chip Stathan – $42 ea.
3rd # drawn – 35 – KC Adamcewicz / Chuck McGee, Jr. – $26 ea.

High Out Hit

Highest out hit – 116 – Chip Adams / Dave Ditka – $28 ea.

Director’s Notes:
This TOC-6 went smoother than the first five TOC’s. This is even with the NEW Singles tournaments. I WISH TO THANK EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING THE CIRCUIT these last four months and coming out to play. I also wish to thank my assistants, Mike Kasper, Sara, James White, Steve Kindred, Dana Kindred, Kim Readmon, Carron Farrell, and EVERYONE WHO CHALKED. It is my hope that you have found some enjoyment in your participation. Because, that is what it’s for … FUN!

And a special thanks to Kelly’s Bartenders and waitresses for all their hard work and work hard they did. From NOON to 2 a.m. and later cleaning up after our mess. Another special thanks to Chuck McGee Jr. for FINALLY getting the NEW CIRCUIT WEB SITE up and running. This next season, the daily tournament results and each players individual stats and qualification status is available ON-LINE. WAY COOL! If you helped and I forgot to mention you, please forgive me and make sure you remind me to update this paragraph.

There were SIXTEEN Door Prizes given away this day. All were donated by the Circuit sponsors, the Circuit, and other businesses as a thank you to the dart players for their continued support of the regular weekly dart tournaments. Carron Farrell and Kim Readmon handled the distribution of the Door Prizes and Chalker Prizes this TOC. They did a great job. Thank you ladies for your efficient and generous help.

As usual there were numerous door prizes donated by the sponsoring bars, the Circuit and other local sponsors. If you won a prize congratulations! Here’s the list of prizes given away.

2 – Dallas Maverick Tickets donated by Austin Ave
4 – Loews Movie tickets donated by the Circuit
4 – AMC Movie tickets donated by the Circuit
2 Sets of NASCAR Darts donated by Lone Star Darts
$ 30 Cash donated the Red Onion Club
3 – $ 25 Bar tabs at Kelly’s
2 Kelly’s T-shirts
4 Yucatan T-Shirts donated by Yucatan Liquid Stand
$ 25 Gift Certificate at Steak & Ale Rest. donated by B & S Services
$ 25 Spa Manicure donated by B & S Services
Free Ladies Haircut donated by Millennium Spa
Chalker Prizes donated by the Circuit

And let’s NOT FORGET all the fun we had scoring this TOC. I believe the Smiley Faces really hit it big. For those of you who weren’t there. We had a blast keeping track of who chalked and who didn’t. ALL CHALKER PRIZES WERE EARNED THIS TIME AROUND. Everyone had to turn a voter’s slip and a shirt order form in order to receive their CHALKER REWARD CARD. Everytime someone chalked a game, they were given a SMILEY FACE STICKER which was added to their NAME TAG/REWARD CARD. When they got 6 smiley faces tey could turn in the card and receive their chalker prize … OR … they could keep it and accumulate 10 smiley faces and receive a FREE BEER … OR … keep going up to 14 smiley faces and receive a FREE MIXED DRINK. The big chalker for the day was VODDIE, he turned in two cards of 14 stickers. Of course we were on the honesty policy. But, everyone had a great time, from the feedback I received. We may try this concept again, soon!

We HAD A VOTE … To MODIFY OR NOT TO MODIFY the Circuit’s daily tournaments. The modification would be that NO Women drew each other in the nightly Circuit tournaments. AND to keep the # of games played to qualify for the next TOC the same or decrease them.

The results …

To Modify:
– 84 votes turned in … 54 to modify / 30 not to modify!

# Games Played:
– 84 votes turned in … 62 to keep the same / 22 to lower

Action Taken … Within one week the WEB SITE and the posters and the handouts were changed to reflect the Circuit’s NEW MODIFIED Blind-Draw tournaments.

We also have a NEW CIRCUIT SHIRT DESIGN which is going on the back of shirts ordered from Awards Depot. This is a full color silk screened design. Everyone that played that day, was given their own CREATE YOUR OWN SHIRT ORDER FORM. There were FOUR styles to choose and three price ranges. Total was 40 shirts ordered. I’m making up an extra 40 based on the most popular style shirts ordered. Hopefully, they will be ready by the first week in November or at least the second. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR COOPERATION IN PAYING FOR THESE SHIRTS UPFRONT. There will be more of these shirts on sale till they are gone.

I had a blast and I hope you all did, too.

Thanks Again!

David Lloyd
Tournament Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!