Tournament of Champions VII – January 27th, 2001

The day started at 12pm with sign-ups for the Men’s & Ladies’ Super Singles Shoot-Out 2 (SSS) and ended with the last dart thrown at midnight in the Tournament of Champions – 7 (TOC). We had 38 entries into the Men’s SSS and 20 entries into the Ladies’ SSS. The TOC started at 5:30 with 84 players. Both tournaments ran very smooth because we had NO trouble finding scorekeepers all day long. The incentives were the key that made the MAGIC work. Twelve great Chalker Prizes were given away throughout the day. One every hour with the Grand Prize an RCA 27″ Color TV and First Prize a Great Stereo System. This made the WHOLE DAY a great SUCCESS and fun for everyone.

Here are the results of the tournaments:

— // — BEGIN SSS2 Results — // —
Place Men’s Super Singles Shoot-Out 2 Ladies’ Super Singles Shoot-Out 2
1st Shawn Kilbury $285 Suszi Gagnon $175
2nd Gene Bullard $171 Lora Tennison $100
3rd Voddie Adamcewicz $85 Joan Bunch $50
4th James White $40 Lorrie Duran $25

Men’s SSS 2 – High Out & Mystery Out Winners
High Out
100% Winner # 110 Schad Scott $76
Mystery Out
70% Winner # 24 Big Bird $80
30% Winner # 100 Shawn Kilbury $34

Ladies’ SSS 2 – High Out & Mystery Out Winners
High Out
100% Winner # 71 Suszi Gagnon $40
Mystery Out
70% Winner # 39 Joan Bunch $42
30% Winner # 20 Jennifer Johnston $18

— // — END SSS2 Results — // —

— // — BEGIN TOC7 Results — // —
Position Players Names $$
1st Place Richard “Big Bird” Moon / David Lloyd 356ea
2nd Place Tim Sopp / Vince Venegoni 234ea
3rd Place Jerry Yule / Chip Adams 158ea
4th Place Joan Bunch / Ricky Crocker 106ea
5th Place LaRonda Duncan / Ricky “Tweety Bird” Moon 71ea
6th Place Shawna Hatfield / Don Gleghorn 71ea
7th Place Steve Kindred / Brandon Monier 50ea
8th Place Dana Kindred / Mike Davidson 50ea
9th Place Colleen Pruett / Mike Strawderman 30ea
10th Place Lorrie Duran / James White 30ea
11th Place Fred Brown / George Gata 30ea
12th Place Jennifer Johnston / Gene Bullard 30ea
13th Place LaDawn Mowles / Ed Hemphill 20ea
14th Place Suszi Gagnon / Chuck McGee, Jr. 20ea
15th Place Mark Albright / Dwayne Alexander 20ea
16th Place Steve Gagnon / Bobby Childers 20ea

Honey Pot winners

70% Winners – Joan Bunch / Ricky Crocker – 30ea
30% Winners – Ricky Moon / LaRonda Duncan – 13ea

High Out Hit

70% Winners # 80 – Bobbie Childers / Steve Gagnon – 30ea
30% Winners # 74 – Ben Hutchinson / Michelle Garza – 13ea

Mystery Out winners

50% Winners – 38 – Vince Vengoni / Tim Sopp – 65ea
30% Winners – 2 – Ricky Moon / LaRonda Duncan – 39ea
20% Winners – 36 – Joan Bunch / Ricky Crocker – 26ea

Highest Placing All Women’s Team – Lora Tennison / Tammy Young – 25ea
2nd Highest Placing All Women’s Team – Tracy Jordan / Raylene Gleghorn – 15ea

Highest Placing Lady – Joan Bunch – $30
2nd Highest Placing Lady – LaRonda Duncan – $20
3rd highest placing Lady – Shawna Hatfield – $10

— // — END TOC7 Results — // —

As usual there were numerous door prizes donated by the sponsoring bars, the Circuit and other local sponsors. If you won a prize congratulations! Here’s the list of prizes given away.

Chalker Prizes, Winners and Sponsors

Rhonda Kenyon – Cue Stick donated by Sharky’s
Jerry Yule – Circuit Shirt donated by The Circuit
Brent Vossberg – Maverick Tickets donated by Austin Ave
Paul Mueller – Pizza donated by The Circuit
Alex Schaer – Gift Cert. At Salutes donated by Salute Club
Richard P.A. – Theatre Tickets donated by The Circuit
Tim Sopp – Gift Cert at Yucatan donated by Yucatan
Colin Jones – Cue Stick donated by Sharky’s
Alex Schaer – Circuit Shirt donated by The Circuit
Mike Davidson – Circuit Shirt donated by The Circuit
Demsey Zekale – Gift Cert at Humperdinks donated by Humperdinks
Big Bird Moon – Stereo Sound System donated by The Circuit
Virgil Duncan – 27″ RCA Color TV donated by Kelly’s & The Circuit

Director’s Notes:

A BIG THANK YOU to my crew this TOC & SSS. Could not have done this tourney without them. They are one of the reasons that it ran so smooth and quick. In alphabetical order, they were C. J. Beyleu, Mike Strawderman, Sara Lloyd, and Steve Kindred. And a special THANKS to Jeff Allsop, Jeff Kratz, and Steve Gagnon who volunteered their help by finding chalkers, updating the brackets and keeping the tournament moving. I can’t forget the many players and chalkers who supported this TOC and made my 52nd Birthday a wonderful memory. Another BIG THANK YOU goes out to Ron & JC for supplying the facility and beverages as well as the Color TV. I also wish to thank all the Sponsoring Pubs, Sharky’s, Austin Ave, Yucatan, and Salute’s for their support by donating Chalker Prizes.

AND THE BIGGEST THANK YOU of ALL goes to MY WIFE, Sara for her continuous support of my business by HER LOVE FOR ME.

We now start a new season with The Tournament of Champions VIII and the Super Singles Shoot-Out 3 being held at Yucatan Liquid Stand at the end of May 2001 (date still to be determined). Watch for flyers, the WEB SITE and for Posters. In the meantime, make sure you get your 10 games in early. And remember, the statistics show that the majority of the players who play ten times usually place in the money, win the Honey Pot, or place 1st at least ONCE during those ten times. Just check out the Qualification Stats on the WEB or in the Director’s Book. Keep on Playing and “We’ll see you on the boards.”

I had a blast and I hope you all did, too.

Thanks Again!

David Lloyd
Tournament Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!