Tournament of Champions VIII – June 3rd, 2001
Today’s title explains the day perfectly!


It seems that each TOC is very different. You can’t say that if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. Here, you could say because of the heat, if you were at this one, you will definitely remember it although you might want to forget it! Start with a Large Metal Box and 90+ degrees outside; put over 100 people and Bright Hot Lights in the BOX, plus take away the main Air Conditioner and you have the idea of what the TOC-VIII & the SSS-3 was like. Now add booze, intense competition and money on the line to complete the picture. THERE IT IS. YOU NOW HAVE IT. YOUR IMAGINATION OR MEMORY WILL DO THE REST.

The day started at 11am with my crew (CJ Belyeu, Mike Strawderman, and Raylene Gleghorn) and a few other individuals who showed up early (Brad Brison, Mike Davidson, Nicole Weems, and Sara Lloyd). There was a lot of preparation work to get done. We had to move tables and chairs around in both rooms to make room for the 4 dart standards we brought with us and to lay down the rugs in the back. Plus we had to get the director’s stage and registration area set up, put up the Tourney info posters, hang dart boards, insure the throwing lines were down properly, etc. etc. It really helped that as people showed up they joined in. It was too difficult to keep track of everyone that helped get ready. And my apologies to those whose name I forgot to mention. If you were there, then you know who you are. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

Sign-ups for the Men’s & Ladies’ Super Singles Shoot-Out 3 (SSS) started at 12:30pm officially. We had 36 entries into the Men’s SSS and 21 entries into the Ladies’ SSS. The TOC-VIII started at 5:30 with 76 players. Both tournaments ran very smooth regardless of the HEAT, because AGAIN we had NO trouble finding scorekeepers all day long. The CHALKER PRIZES were the key that made the MAGIC work once more. This time TWENTY-ONE (21) great Chalker Prizes were given away throughout the day. One or more every hour with the Grand Prize being a 3 DAY, 2 NIGHT stay in LAS VEGAS, RENO, LAKE TAHOO, or Biloxi, Ms along with $100 spending money. First Prize was $50 cash. This helped to make the WHOLE DAY tolerable and fun for most everyone.

As for the results of the tourney here they are, but please read the summary at the end, too. Thanks.

— // — BEGIN SSS Results — // —
Place Men’s Super Singles Shoot-Out Ladies’ Super Singles Shoot-Out
1st Jon “JD” Dilley $260 Tina Rueles $150
2nd Ricky Morales $160 Lorrie Duran $95
3rd Roberto Castenhiera $80 Roni Doggett $50
4th Dwayne Alexander $40 KC Adamcewicz $25
5th James White $20
6th Mike Davidson $20

Men’s SSS – High Out & Mystery Out Winners
High Out
100% Winner # 116 Ken Crossland $70
Mystery Out
70% Winner # ?? It’s a Mystery $76
30% Winner # ?? It’s a Mystery $32

Ladies’ SSS – High Out & Mystery Out Winners
High Out
100% Winner # 76 Roni Doggett $42
Mystery Out
70% Winner # 10 KC Adamcewicz $44
30% Winner # 11 Rhonda Kenyon $19

— // — END SSS Results — // —

— // — BEGIN TOC Results — // —
Position Players Names $$
1st Place Roberto Castenhiera / Chuck McGee, Jr. 378ea
2nd Place Ricky Morales / Ken Crossland 245ea
3rd Place Byron Eldredge / Dwayne Alexander 165ea
4th Place Tina Rueles / Bobby Childers 110ea
5th Place Kay Shannon / Gene Bullard 73ea
6th Place Jim Vaclavik / James King 73ea
7th Place Shawn Kilbury / Ricky “Tweety Bird” Moon 47ea
8th Place Stephen Brower / Jon “JD” Dilley 47ea
9th Place Mike Fenlon / David Lloyd 30ea
10th Place Ron Williford / Art Gonzales 30ea
11th Place Jennifer Johnston / Lorie Duran 30ea
12th Place Rick James / Terry Traina 30ea
13th Place Colleen Pruett / Stan Martin 20ea
14th Place Mike Davidson / Kent Johnson 20ea
15th Place Roy Benson / Voddie Adamcewicz 20ea
16th Place Ray Onstott / Johnny Lofino 20ea

Honey Pot winners

70% Winners – Tina Rueles / Bobbie Childers – 26ea
30% Winners – Kay Shonnon / Gene Bullard – 11ea

High Out Hit

70% Winners # 116 – Ken Crossland / Ricky Morales – 27ea
30% Winners # 65 – Roni Dogget / Don Gleghorn – 11ea

Mystery Out winners

50% Winners – 30 – Ray Onstott / Johnny Lofino – 55ea
30% Winners – 12 – Jim Vaclavik / James King – 34ea
20% Winners – 40 – Ken Crossland / Ricky Morales – 22ea

Highest Placing All Women’s Team – Lorrie Duran / Jennifer Johnston – 25ea
2nd Highest Placing All Women’s Team – “Three Way Tie”
KC Adamcewicz / Darla Forman – 10ea
Raylene Gleghorn / Tesa Ivey – 10ea
Danna Stewart / Debbie Blanche – 10ea

Highest Placing Lady – Tina Rueles – $30
2nd Highest Placing Lady – Kay Shannon – $20
3rd highest Placing Lady – Jennifer Johnston / Lorrie Duran – $10

— // — END TOC Results — // —

As usual there were numerous door prizes donated by the sponsoring bars, the Circuit and other local sponsors. If you won a prize congratulations! Here’s the list of prizes given away.

Chalker Prizes, Winners and Sponsors

Jeff Alsop – $25 Gift Cert. at MicroCenter donated by MicroCenter
Darla Forman – $25 Gift Cert. at Vitoria’s Secret donated by The Circuit
Trich Bohn – Lady’s Watch $70 value donated by The Circuit
Alex Mena – Men’s Watch $75 value donated by The Circuit
Lora Tennison – One Week Free Tan donated by Yucatan
Danna Stewart – $25 Gift Cert. at Yucatan donated by Yucatan
Colleen Pruett – One Week Free Tan donated by Yucatan
Wayne Talley – Ticket to the TX Rangers donated by Austin Ave.
Terry Traina – $25 Gift Cert. at Salutes donated by Salute Club
James White – 2 Free passes to Loews donated by Loews Theatre
Wayne Talley – 2 Free passes to Loews donated by Loews Theatre
Roberto Castenhiera – $25 Gift Cert. to Rockfish Rest. donated by Rockfish
Steve Gagnon – Free Entree at El Chico’s donated by El Chico’s
Tina Rueles – $15 Gift Cert. at TX Land & Cattle donated by TX Land & Cattle
KC Adamcewicz – $25 Gift Cert. to Rockfish Rest. donated by Rockfish
Joan Bullard – $25 Gift Cert. to Razzoo’s donated by Razzoo’s
Rick James – $25 Gift Cert. to Bone Daddy’s donated by Bone Daddy’s
Kent Johnson – Men’s Watch $100 value donated by The Circuit
KC Adamcewicz – Lady’s Watch $90 value donated by The Circuit
Voddie Adamcewicz – $50 Cash
Suszi Gagnon – 3 Day/2 Night in vegas $100 donated by Yucatan/The Circuit

Director’s Notes:
I wish everyone could have won prizes today. But, in a way, if you came and had fun and made it through the day, then you were a winner. Thanks for supporting the Circuit.

PLEASE READ THIS & the link below.

A BIG THANK YOU to my crew this TOC & SSS. Could not have done this tourney without them. It was looonnnng and hot. And thank YOU ALL for supporting the weekly events and being a part of the Circuit. Spread the word, get more people committed to playing 10 or more games to qualify for these EVENTS.

A special thanks goes to the Bartenders and the Waitresses for all their hard work. Yucatan’s management’s failed to have enough help and those employees that were there DID A FANTASTIC JOB. The building’s main A/C unit was NOT functional and the NEW replacement did not get installed on time. The stage microphone did not work, buckets of beer were not discounted, and the lights for some of the boards kept going out. Other than that I LIKED THE FACILITY. THE LAYOUT was great. We had the two rooms for both Singles tournaments and the Stage area to direct the tourney. WE WILL HAVE IT THERE AGAIN. TOC X & SSS-5 will be there at the end of January or beginning of February, 2002. The heat should NOT be a problem, then. So, just get ready for it. All the other issues will be worked on.

If you would like to voice your opinion or frustrations and have them be heard by the RIGHT people, then please email me at or I will then forward your statement to Yucatan. Thank You!

AND THE BIGGEST THANK YOU of ALL goes to MY WIFE, Sara, for her continuous support of my business & HER LOVE FOR ME.

We now start a new season for the “Tournament of Champions IX” and the “Super Singles Shoot-Out 4”. It will be held at Kelly’s Private on either Sept 29th or Sept 30 or maybe both days. Watch for the flyers, the WEB SITE and for Posters. In the meantime, make sure you get your 10 games in early. And remember, the statistics show that the majority of the players who play ten times usually place in the money, win the Honey Pot, or place 1st at least ONCE during those ten times. Just check out the Qualification Stats on the WEB or in the Director’s Book. Keep on Playing and “We’ll see you on the boards.”

Thanks Again!

David Lloyd
Tournament Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!