29th Dartistry Championships

29th Dartistry Championships

Friday, January 12th / Sat, Jan. 13th, 2018

$3,300 total Guaranteed Payout

Payouts for Men’s Blind-Draw was $900
Payouts for Ladies’ Blind-Draw was $710
Payouts for Modified Blind-Draw was $1700
Plus Side Pots = Mystery Outs, High Outs, or Honey Pots ($650)
Chalker Prizes ($250)
Player Participation Prizes ($300)
Add in the Warm Up tourney on Friday ($760)
(Funds for scorekeepers prizes came from the Eligible players’ entry fees and the Billiard Den)
Add them all up =$5,270Paid Out
This Event was held at The Billiard Den as it the Best Venue in Town for this Event.
while it was ONLY $15 entry fee per event for Eligible Players & $5 for side pots for everyone.

THIS WAS THE THIRTEENTH SEASON WITH ZERO ENTRY FEES for QUALIFIED players. Plus, we again allowed players to be ELIGIBLE even though NOT Qualified (cost to them was only $15 per tourney).  However, Eligible was earned by playing at least 5 times during the season (not just once).   This seems to be a winning formula which we continue until we can come up with something better. Hopefully, as the economy begins to improve (if at all), ‘The Circuit’ will see an increase in participation as a result and then these season-end Dartistries will get BIGGER, again.  From now on, The Circuit’s NEW ANNUAL SEASON will be from January 1st through December 31st of EACH YEAR. 

This season we, again, had a MEN’S BLIND-DRAW TOURNAMENT held on Saturday, January 13th, which began at 1:00 pm with 40 players. Plus, we had a LADIES’ BLIND-DRAW, also on Sat which began at 1:30 pm with 20 players. Both were followed by a LARGE MODIFIED BLIND-DRAW that began at 7:30 pm with 50 players.

We also held a Dartistry Warm-Up Tournament on Friday Night @ The Billiard Den with an Extra $200 added on top of the clubs’ normal $5 pp Add. The total funds were $678 paid out to the Top 4 finishing teams. See results below. This is the Official Opening Night of the Dartistry Championships.  However, it is played like a Regular Circuit tournament with the results being posted on the Circuit’s Website and everyone’s participation also counts toward the 30th Dartistry Season.


Friday Evening, January 13th, 2018
Dartistry Warm-Up Tournament
Circuit Modified Regular Blind Draw

It began at 8:30 pm – 44 Players
$678 Paid Out (this included $200 extra added to the Payout).

We Paid the Top 4 Finishing Positions;
We paid out $176 in Side Pot winnings with another $88 going to the Circuit’s Mystery Out Pot.

1st Place – Ted Adamski / Schad Scott – $ 170 ea.
2nd Place – Jennifer harris / Troy Pople – $ 95 ea.
3rd Place – Trina Scott / Roger Piacenti – $ 48 ea.
4th Place – Jeff Torres / Anthony Marones – $ 27 ea.

70% Honey Pot Winners – Jennifer Harris / Troy Pople – $ 30 ea.
30% Honey Pot Winners – Trina Scott / Roger Piacenti – $ 12 ea.
100% High Out Winners – Tammy Young / Ken Price – #80 = $ 22 ea.
There were NO Mystery Out Winners – # pulled was = 78. Balance Now is = $850

Other Teams Were:

  • Judy Curtis / Bruce Gerlach
  • Sean Smith / John Schmitz
  • Dane Anderson / David Lloyd
  • Kasia Reese / Steve Gagnon
  • Jessi Reyna / Justin Petronico
  • Melissa Dotson / David Lopez
  • Amy Weaver / Nez Redzik
  • Suszi Gagnon / Ernesto
  • Debbie Adams / Vince Reyna
  • Candace Neal / Mike Nichols
  • Ben Hendon / Jason Smith
  • Guy Deveyra / Ben Julius
  • Miranda Rossett / Danny Young Sr
  • Kristy Crump / Griffin Deveyra
  • Susan Gerlach / Matt Hall
  • Angel / Robert Johnson
  • Travis Grubbs / Calvin Durst

This was a FUN night with 22 teams. Amazingly there was only 8 MOP #s hit and NO winners.

There have been a few WarmUp tourneys over the years with 56+ players.  The BIG Soft Tip tourneys in Denton kept our numbers down this year.   I will try next year to avoid the same weekend as that soft tip event in order increase our participation numbers.  However all in all, this was a good showing with everyone seeming to have a great time.

Saturday Afternoon, January 13th, 2018
We started this Dartistry season’s Saturday Event with a
MEN’S Blind-Draw

It began at 1:00 pm – 40 Players
$900 Paid Out Paid the Top 8 Finishing Positions;
Plus, we paid out $170 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Shawn Kilbury / Schad Scott – Award $ 180 ea.
2nd Place – Justin Petronico / Steve Gagnon – Award $ 105 ea.
3rd Place – Ben Hendon / Jeff Torres – Award $ 60 ea.
4th Place – Guy Deveyra / Mike Prince – $ 35 ea.
5th & 6th Place – David Lloyd / Keith McDonald & Rodney West / John Schmitz – $20 ea.
7th & 8th Place – Danny Bartelome / Troy Pople & Robert Bartleson / Jeremy Chase – $15 ea.

70% Mystery Out Winners – Chip Bucker / Pirooz Najafi #32 = $ 42 ea.
30% Mystery Out Winners – Mike Prince / Guy Deveyra # 48 = $ 18 ea.
70% High Out Winners – Ricky Crocker / Mike Sessions # 78 = $ 28 ea.
30% High Out Winners – Steve Gagnon / Justin Petronico # 76 = $ 12 ea.

Other Teams Were:

  • Angel / Bob Schultz
  • Calvin Durst / Shane H.
  • Bruce Gerlach / Nez Redzik
  • Clayton McKinley / Anthony Marones
  • Dane Anderson / Curt Hegeman
  • Ben Julius / Griffin Deveyra
  • Mike Nichols / Ken Crossland
  • Robb Scott / Vince Reyna
  • Ernesto / Chris Beaty
  • Chad Prather / Bryan P.

Good Showing. Lots of people were out of town at Soft Tips tourneys. Amazing how the soft tip tourney can choose the same weekend as The Circuit even though I’m establishing the Dartistry Weekend a YEAR in advance. LOL.

LADIES’ Blind-Draw
began at 1:30 pm – 20 Players
$710 Paid Out Paid the Top 6 Finishing Positions;
plus we paid out $100 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Kasia Reese / Tammy Young – Award $ 150 ea.
2nd Place – Amy Weaver / Toni Tarza – Award $ 100 ea.
3rd Place – Melissa Dotson / Debbie Adams – Award $ 50 ea.
4th Place – Judy Curtis / Nelia Bartelome – $ 25 ea.

70% Mystery Out Winners – Suszi Gagnon / Jordan Thompson # 24 = $ 28 ea.
30% Mystery Out Winners – Amy Weaver / Toni Tarza # 4 = $14 ea.
70% High Out Winners – Tammy Young / Kasia Reese # 78 = $ 14 ea.
30% High Out Winners – Jessi Reyni / Susan Gerlach # 74 = $ 6 ea.

Other Teams Were:

  • Debra Prather / Candace Neal
  • Sylvia Colfrey / Kristi Crump
  • Angie Meaders / Sara Lloyd
  • Jessi Reyna / Melissa Dotson
  • Danielle Hall / Amber Hughes

Alright Ladies.  You did some networking and increased participation by 10%.  Well done.>
Lets see if we can get MORE next season.

Saturday Evening, January 13th, 2017
Modified Blind-Draw
Started at 7:30 pm – 46 Players.
Thanks for coming out to play.
$1,700 Paid Out Paid to the TOP 8 Finishing Positions,
plus we paid out $250 in Side Pots winnings.

1st Place – Robert Johnson / Roger Piacenti – Award $300 ea.
2nd Place – Justin Petronico / Ricky Crocker – Award $200 ea.
3rd Place – Kasia Reese / JR Estrada – Award $125 ea.
4th Place – Steve Gagnon / Guy Deveyra $75 ea.
5th & 6th Place – Nelia Bartelome / Ernesto & Candace Neal / Curt Hegeman – $50 ea.
7th & 8th Place – Calvin Durst / Bruce Gerlach & Toni Tarza / Ben Hendon – $25 ea.

70% Honey Pot Winners – Kasia Reese / JR Estrada = $35 ea.
30% Honey Pot Winners – Nelia Bartelome / Ernesto = $15 ea.
70% Mystery Out Winners – Pirooz Najafi / Shane H #20 = $35 ea.
30% Mystery Out Winners – Suszi Gagnon / Robb Scott – #37 = $ 15 ea.
70% High Out Winners – Kasia Reese / JR Estrada – #110 = $15 ea.
30% High Out Winners – Danielle Hall / Chip Buckner – #84 = $ 10 ea.

Other Teams were:

  • Tammy Young / Bryan Petty
  • Angel / Griffin Deveyra
  • Danny Bartelome / Mike Prince
  • Rodney West / Ken Price
  • Susan Gerlach / Jeff Torres
  • Mike Nichols / Nez Redzik
  • Amy Weaver / Shawn Kilbury
  • Ruth Hendon / Ben Julius
  • Bob Schultz / Robert Bartleson
  • Kristi Crump / Francisco
  • Angie Meaders / Schad Scott
  • Judy Curtis / Danny Young Sr
  • Vince Reyna / Ken Crossland
  • Jessi Reyna / Ted Adamski


Between the Men’s & Ladies Blind-Draws we played some Quick SINGLES tourneys to keep everyone busy and having fun until the 7:00 pm Modified Draw. Time allowed us to play FIVE (5) of these 8 player, single elimination, $5 Entry, and 2 Player Payout tourneys.
The Winners won $30 /$10.   I would normally post who won these, however, it seems like someone threw away the sheets because I can’t find them.   Once I do, I will post the winners. If those who won read this, it is my hope they will send me an email (circuitdirector@yahoo.com or text me at 972-571-3647). Thank you.


This season our Scorekeeper prizes were Presidential $1 gold plated coins. Over $200 in coins were awarded to the many players who kept score and kept the tournament moving along smooth. The Players could then TRADE those Coins for a Chance to Win MORE MONEY by Busting a Balloon. There was over $200 in 40 Balloons. Some had cash, some prizes, and some NADA. It was a VERY POPULAR GAME. With one balloon having a $100 prize that somehow made it to the last 2 balloons. There were players standing in line to POP that one even after the EVENT Was OVER. We will do this again, next season.


This year I decided to ADD a REWARD for all the players who supported The Circuit during this FIRST ONE YEAR SEASON. For every tournament a person played during the season they EARNED a Player Participation Ticket and a CHANCE to WIN various Prizes which ranged from HUGE STUFFED Animals to Gifts and CASH.

[INSERT Stuffed Animals pic]

Every half hour we DREW a TICKET and the person’s whose name was on it – got to Reach into a bucket and pull out a PRIZE. There were over 30 prizes given away on Saturday. FUN FUN FUN.

Every ‘Qualified’ player received ONE Ticket for every tournament they played in during this extended season. Each had to sign the back and place them in the Drawing Jar. I had the players themselves sign and separate them, so each KNEW how many chances they had to win.

Director’s Notes:

This Dartistry took on its own personality and character, as each does. By adding a few extra BONUS Rewards it kept the players more involved throughout the event and excited.

Once again, we’ve had the pleasure of Candace Neal & Sar Lloyd working as my co-directors for this event. Thank you, Ladies, for your tireless help. I know I said this LAST SEASON, but it’s worth repeating. “Your help every Dartistry makes this whole event so much easier to manage and enjoy by sharing the Director responsibilities. It‟s nice to KNOW that you all have MY and the PLAYERS BACKS if I‟m away. We have developed an „in charge‟ symbiotic personality wherein we both like being in control telling the players where to go and what to do, and yet the players seem to like it, too. LOL. Thanks, again.” I couldn‟t have made through this without you and my wife, SARA. In fact, I barely did. The chair ended up being my best friend toward the end of the day.

THE BILLIARD DEN comes through as ‘the’ place to hold The Dartistry. At this time, there is still NO OTHER Venue in town which ‘fits the bill’ as the seasonal location for the ‘Whole’ of this event. Thank You, Marcy, for Hosting this event, again. You and your staff (too long to even list them) continue to provide excellent service. Thank You to all the bartenders who continuously poured and served our drinks like Jennifer, Kim, Al, Brandy, & Walker. Of course without chefs, Daniel and Ernest ALL of US would have wilted way before the time most of us did. Thanks Everyone for your service.

Thanks to the whole STAFF for your outstanding, double shift, long tiring day, and dedicated service. I know you both volunteered for this, so I surely hope the players tipped you well. Thanks everyone.

And of course a HUGE Thank You to ‘YOU, The Players’, for your continued participation each and every season. It’s great to know, I’m still providing a service you appreciate and support. You’re all like ONE BIG FAMILY to me. Thanks.

The weekend started off with our USUAL Friday Night Dartistry Warm-Up Tourney where everyone has their final opportunity to become ‘Eligible and/or Qualified’ for the Main Event on Saturday. I love this phrase …. “It ignites the ‘BURN’ and the ‘YEARN’ for a great weekend of ‘DARTS’! “. It has been and will continue to be a part of the Dartistry program. What was really exciting was to see 14 ladies out of 44 players. Two of Top four finishing teams MIXED teams. Nice.

On Saturday, we were all ready to go by Noon when the Den’s doors opened. Players started showing up a few minutes before that to Practice before Saturday’s Dartistry Tourneys began at 1 pm with the Men’s Blind Draw & the Ladies Blind Draw at 1:30. 40 Men & 20 ladies. The men played in the main area while the ladies chose the Ladies’ Lair for their own private little tourney.

We didn’t start the Modified Blind Draw till around 7:30 pm, as we played 2 of 3 W and 2 of 3 L brackets in the day tourneys. It took till 7 pm to finish both. But, it was well worth it.

Most of the memorable moments in this season’s 29th Dartistry Championships are captured in my mind and can be played back for me to see; just as your ‘mms’ can be seen & enjoyed by you. BEST MOMENT for me was GIVING AWAY all the Player Participation Prizes and watching everyone have a GREAT TIME throwing to POP the Balloons for CASH.

I can’t find the pictures taken for this year. It must be because I totally forgot to POST these Results till two days before the 30th Dartistry Championship on Jan 11th & 12th of 2019. So sorry.

Thank You, again, for your continued support. Remember, to get Qualified Early this season.

See you on the boards!
David Lloyd, Director


More information about the circuit coming soon .. stay tuned!