Tuesday, September 29, 2015 @ Austin Ave II

Match Round: 1st

Players Attended:

Bart Buresh, Cody Albers, Jon Foreman, Joseph Sisco, Judy Curtis, Keith Wilkes, Pirooz Najafi, Ramin Najafi, Tara Bell, Ted Adamski, Trent Brossert, and Troy Pople

And the winners are ...

First Place:
Jon Foreman and Ted Adamski
Second Place:
Bart Buresh and Troy Pople
Honey Pot:
Keith Wilkes and Tara Bell
High Out:
Bart Buresh and Troy Pople (Hit: 56)
Mystery Out:
No Lucky Winners! (# Drawn: 86)

Mystery Out Update!

The Mystery Out was $1,908 before the match started and is now $1,908 at the conclusion of this match.